Bionic Battle/Bionic Bash
Debut Series Hot Wheels Trick Tracks
Produced 2010
Designer  ???
Robot track set


Hollowback 2010 trackstar

Hollowback was the car included

Bionic Battle is a robot-themed Trick Tracks set (Toy # T2293) released in 2010. The set is composed of three sections that are connected by pieces of straight track. Bionic Battle can be used alone or connected at either end to other track sets. Included in the set is a version of Hollowback that was originally released as part of the 2010 Track Stars series.

At least four individual cars are needed for the track set. The first section of the track has a small red and gray robot that appears to stomp at a car as it is launched. That car triggers the next launcher where a pair of pinchers snap at a second car as it is launched. The second car triggers a large gray and purple robot that brings his arms down knocking open a building containing two more cars. One car is launched at the robot, hitting a button on his chest and causing his top portion to pop off. The fourth car goes down a ramp to the finish line.


[1] (An Ad For The Track Set)

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