Debut Series X-Raycers
Produced 2016 - Present
Designer Ryu Asada
Number DHN91
Blitzspeeder 2016.png


The Blitzspeeder is here, ready to cut corners and crush your track records! With the massive front-mounted V8-engine, that extra large rear wing is really necessary! Don't get in its way, the last thing you may see is its oversized rear wing!


The Blitzspeeder has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
020/250 2016 X-Raycers
Clear Blue Yellow & Dark Blue stripes on sides, 'X' & '5' on sides Yellow / Metal Tinted (Black) Chrome Yellow & Clear OH5SP DHN91 Malaysia Base code(s): H51

New Model

Blitzspeeder 2016.png
020/250 2016 X-Raycers
Clear Yellow White & Black stripes on sides, 'X' & '5' on sides Black / Metal Tinted (Purple) Chrome Chrome & Clear Purple OH5SP DHW52 Malaysia Base code(s): J22

New Model

Blitzspeeder 2016 2.png
229/365 2017 Super Chromes
Chrome Orange & Red arrows, & '5' on sides & top Dark Red / Metal Tinted (Orange) Black Chrome Wall Chrome & Orange 5SP DTY15 Malaysia Base code(s): K11 DSCN3942.jpg
035/365 2018 Super Chromes
Chrome Black and green stripes on sides and top. Dark Blue / Metal Tinted (Yellow) Black Chrome Wall Chrome & Green 5SP FJW99 Malaysia Base code(s): K33 FJW99 C.JPG
2018 Super Chromes
Gold Chrome Black stripes hood and sides. TH Logo on sides. Metalflake Purple / Metal Tinted (Smoke) Grey Gold Chrome Wall  5SP FKB27 Malaysia Treasure Hunt
Base code(s): K52
2018 Valentino Rossi
Clear Blue Orange, Lime & White tampos, '46' on sides White / Metal Tinted (Light Blue) Chrome Clear Green (Chrome Orange rim) OH5 FWR11 Malaysia Base code(s): Blitzspeeder-2018-VR46.jpg
2019 International Gold Edition Promo Gold Purple and black stripes on sides and roof. “Blitzspeeder”

“24” on sides


/ metal

TInted (purple) Black Purple chrome ST8 Base code(s): B43E4561-1249-43D9-AB73-4937477E4133.jpeg
2019 X-Raycers 5-Pack Clear red white and light blue stripes on sides. “X” ”4” on sides Dark blue /metal Tinted (blue) Blue Clear dark blue AeroDisc DHN91 Indonesia Base code(s): M16, Blitzspeeder 2019 5pck.jpg
2020 HW City Vs. Robo Beasts 5-Pack Clear Yellow "TAXI" white and black "5" checkerboard pattern & orange stripes Black / Metal Tinted (Light Blue) Chrome Copper Chrome J5 DHN91 Indonesia Base code(s): N37 Hot-Wheels-City-Vs-Robo-Beasts-Pack-Com-5---Mattel---1(1).jpg

2016 card

From the back of the 2016 card:

Born: 2016
Birthplace: EL SEGUNDO
Designer: HOT WHEELS®
Specialty: Time to head to the track in the Blitz Speeder. With its rear wing stabilizer, front-mounted V8, 700 HP engine. The Blitz Speeder will nail those sharp corners and take you straight to the leader board!


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