Bryan Benedict is a designer who has been working at Hot Wheels since 2004; he currently holds the position of Senior Design Manager. Prior to working at Hot Wheels, he worked as a designer for Honda's R&D department and did projects for Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi.

Category:Bryan Benedict Designs

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
2007 Ford GTX-1 2007 New Models 17/36 K6149 FordGTXI-HW.jpg
2008 Madfast 2008 New Models 34/40 L9949 MadFast BB.jpg
2011 El Superfasto 2011 New Models 23/50 T9693 ElSuperfasto First1.JPG
2013 Kermit the Frog The Muppets Character Cars N/A Y0765 Kermit The Frog (0765).jpg
2015 Black Widow Marvel Character Cars 18 CGD59 Black Widow (CGD57) 02.jpg
2015 Power Surge Night Burnerz 5/10 CFG76 PowerSurgeCFG76.jpg
2015 Princess Leia Star Wars Character Cars 6 CKL33 SWHW Leia.jpg
2015 The Penguin DC Character Cars N/A BDM68 125635069 1GG.jpg
2016 Death Trooper Star Wars Character Cars N/A DXP95 SWHW - Death Trooper.jpg
2016 Wonder Woman (2016) DC Character Cars N/A DJM20 Yt3szum9qg6lxcsbumrh.jpg
2017 Spider-Man (2017) Marvel Character Cars N/A DXM09 Spider-Man (2017) (DXM09).jpg
2017 Baze Malbus Star Wars Character Cars N/A DXP70 Baze Malbus - 17SWCC RogueOne5PK 600pxOTD.png
2017 K-2SO Star Wars Character Cars N/A DJL60 K-2SO - 17 Star Wars Characters R1 600pxOTD.png
2017 Creeper Minecraft Character Cars 1/6 DTX22 DXT22 Creeper.jpg
2017 Enderman Minecraft Character Cars 2/6 DTX23 DXT23 Enderman.jpg
2017 Skeleton Minecraft Character Cars 3/6 DTX24 DXT24 Skeleton.jpg
2017 Iron Golem Minecraft Character Cars 4/6 DTX25 DXT25 Iron Golem.jpg
2017 Spider Minecraft Character Cars 5/6 DTX26 DXT26 Spider.jpg
2017 Zombie Minecraft Character Cars 6/6 DTX27 DXT27 Zombie.jpg
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