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Bryan Ray Benedict is a designer who has been working at Hot Wheels since 2004; he currently holds the position of Senior Design Manager. Prior to working at Hot Wheels, he worked as a designer for Honda's R&D department and did projects for Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi. Benedict's first Hot Wheels design, the Ford GTX-1, was released in 2007; his current scope of design mainly involves with the Character Cars (which he oversees the development of) and some Monster Trucks (which he formerly oversaw), having worked on both the Monster Jam and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks product line.

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
2007 Ford GTX-1 2007 New Models 17/36 K6149 FordGTXI-HW.jpg
2008 Madfast 2008 New Models 34/40 L9949 MadFast BB.jpg
2010 Howlin' Heat 2010 New Models 29/44 R0949 Howl.jpg
2011 El Superfasto 2011 New Models 23/50 T9693 ElSuperfasto First1.JPG
2012 Mad Splash 2012 New Models 29/50 V5317 IMG 3267c-3.jpg
2013 Kermit the Frog The Muppets Character Cars - Y0765 Kermit The Frog (0765).jpg
2013 SpongeBob SpongeBob SquarePants Character Cars - Y0759 SpongeBob 2016.png
2014 '67 Ford Bronco Hot Wheels Entertainment: Zoolander - BDV07 HW-2014-Retro Entertainment-'67 Ford Bronco-Zoolander..jpg
2014 '67 Plymouth Belvedere GTX Hot Wheels Entertainment: Tommy Boy - BDT81 HW-2014-Retro Entertainment-'67 Plymouth Belvedere GTX.jpg
2014 2014 Custom Mustang Hot Wheels Entertainment: Need for Speed - BDT87 HW-2014-Retro Entertainment-2014 Custom Mustang.jpg
2014 Boba Fett Star Wars Character Cars 10 CGW42 SWHW-BobaFett.jpg
2014 Captain America Marvel Character Cars 2 BDM73 Captain-America-a.jpg
2014 Darth Vader SDCC Exclusive - CGW36 Darth Vader-20358.jpg
2014 Hawkeye Marvel Character Cars 9 BDM78 Hawkeye-a.jpg
2014 Hulk Marvel Character Cars 5 BDM76 Hulk-a.jpg
2014 Iron Man Marvel Character Cars 1 BDM74 Iron-Man-a.jpg
2014 Knight Draggin' HW City: Medieval Rides 70/250 BDC86 IMG 0643.jpg
2014 Koenigsegg Agera R Hot Wheels Entertainment: Need for Speed - BDT86 HW-Koenigsegg Agera R-Need For Speed.JPG
2014 Rhino Marvel Character Cars 10 BDM80 Rhino-a.jpg
2014 Spider-Man Marvel Character Cars 4 BDM72 SpiderMan 02.jpg
2014 Thor Marvel Character Cars 3 BDM75 Thor (BDM75).jpg
2014 Venom Marvel Character Cars 6 BDM79 Venom (BDM79) 02.jpg
2014 Yoda Star Wars Character Cars 5 CGW40 HW-Star Wars--5-Yoda.jpg
2015 Black Widow Marvel Character Cars 18 CGD59 Black Widow (CGD57) 02.jpg
2015 Falcon Marvel Character Cars 8 CBD32 Falcon-a.jpg
2015 Gamora Marvel Character Cars 13 CGD58 H12btloud3bfwdv1lavz.jpg
2015 Groot Marvel Character Cars 14 CGD56 GUARDIÕES DA GALÁXIA - GROOT - 2015 - MARVEL CHARACTER CARS.jpg
2015 Power Surge HW Workshop: Night Burnerz 200/250 CFG76 PowerSurgeCFG76.jpg
2015 Princess Leia Star Wars Character Cars 6 CKL33 SWHW Leia.jpg
2015 Rocket Raccoon Marvel Character Cars 12 CBD31 Rocket Raccoon orange Marvel.jpg
2015 Star-Lord Marvel Character Cars 11 CHM07 Star-Lord (DXV09) 03.jpg
2015 The Penguin DC Character Cars - BDM68 125635069 1GG.jpg
2016 Black Panther Marvel Character Cars - DKH23 DRB52 C 16 006.jpg
2016 Death Trooper Star Wars Character Cars - DXP95 SWHW - Death Trooper.jpg
2016 Iron Man Marvel Character Cars - DJJ50 Iron Man 2016 Civil War.JPG
2016 Minecart HW Ride-Ons 5/5 DPR89 Minecart - 16NM HW Ride-Ons 600pxOTD.jpg
2016 Nova Marvel Character Cars - DJJ51 Nova (DJJ51).jpg
2016 Wonder Woman DC Character Cars - DJM20 Yt3szum9qg6lxcsbumrh.jpg
2017 Baze Malbus Star Wars Character Cars - DXP70 Baze Malbus - 17SWCC RogueOne5PK 600pxOTD.png
2017 Biggs Darklighter Star Wars Character Cars - FJV19 Image Not Available.jpg
2017 Creeper Minecraft Character Cars 1/6 DTX22 DXT22 Creeper.jpg
2017 Enderman Minecraft Character Cars 2/6 DTX23 DXT23 Enderman.jpg
2017 Iron Golem Minecraft Character Cars 4/6 DTX25 DXT25 Iron Golem.jpg
2017 K-2SO Star Wars Character Cars - DJL60 K-2SO - 17 Star Wars Characters R1 600pxOTD.png
2017 Sergeant Jyn Erso Star Wars Character Cars - DXP27 81vs-ticDPL. SL1500 .jpg
2017 Skeleton Minecraft Character Cars 3/6 DTX24 DXT24 Skeleton.jpg
2017 Spider Minecraft Character Cars 5/6 DTX26 DXT26 Spider.jpg
2017 Spider-Man Marvel Character Cars - DXM09 Spider-Man (2017) (DXM09).jpg
2017 The Embosser Experimotors 6/10 DTX22 EmbosserRamp.jpg
2017 Zombie Minecraft Character Cars 6/6 DTX27 DXT27 Zombie.jpg
2018 IG-88 Star Wars Character Cars - FJT89 FJT89 01.jpg
2018 Lando Calrissian Star Wars Character Cars - FJF84 Lando (Solo) (FJF84) 01.jpg
2018 Mike Wazowski Disney Character Cars - FLJ03 MikeWazowskiCar.png
2018 Tyrannosaurus Rex Jurassic World Character Cars - FLJ04 TyrannosaurusRex.jpg
2018 Wampa Star Wars Character Cars - FCD81 Wampa.jpeg
2018 Winnie the Pooh Disney Character Cars - FLH50 WinnieThePoohCar.png
2019 Chewbacca and Porg Star Wars Character Cars - FJF90 HW STAR WARS CHEWBACCA AND PORG.jpg
2019 Ducky and Bunny Toy Story Character Cars - GCY60 D7841273-10BE-4DBA-987E-D51A014BE7FD.jpeg
2019 Pinocchio Disney Character Cars - FYV85 Pinocchio (FYV85) 02.jpg
2019 Porg Star Wars Character Cars - FYT20 Image Not Available.jpg
2020 Bullet Bill Super Mario Character Cars 8/8 GJJ36 GJJ36.jpg
2020 Lando Calrissian Star Wars Character Cars - FCD80 Image Not Available.jpg
2020 Steamboat Willie Disney Character Cars - GGX72 Steamboat Willie (GGX72) 01.jpg
2020 Tracer Overwatch Character Cars - GJJ28 Tracer.jpg
2020 Young Gru Minions Character Cars 6/6 GMH76 Younggru1.jpg
2021 First Batmobile SDCC Exclusive - HDB11 SDCC First Batmobile.jpg
2021 Snow White Star Wars Character Cars - GRM57 Snow white.jpg
2022 Boba Fett Star Wars Character Cars - HDL55 Star Wars Character Cars 2022 Boba Fett HDL55.jpg
2022 Sox Lightyear Character Cars - HDL91 Lightyear Character Car Sox HDL91.jpg

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