Bye Focal II
Debut Series 2009 New Models
Produced 2009 - Present
Designer Rob Matthes
Number N4013


The Bye Focal II has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
010/190 2009 2009 New Models
Metalflake Blue Black, White and Silver "Bye Focal II" tampos Unpainted / Metal Purple Tint Chrome OH5 N4013 Malaysia Base code(s): 09FEByeFocal2Rt
010/190 2009 2009 New Models
Metalflake Pink Black and White "Bye Focal II" tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue Tint Chrome OH5 N4013 Malaysia Also in the Colossal Stunt World playset
Base code(s):
ByeFocal II PINK
147/240 2011 Faster Than Ever
Yellow Black & Gray stripes, White "Bye Focal II" Unpainted / Metal Tinted Chrome FTE T9854 Malaysia Base code(s): D19 100 0568
2012 Multipack Exclusive Translucent Red Black,White and Orange"Bye Focal II" tampos Unpainted / Metal Yellow Tint Chrome OH5 K5904 Malaysia Base code(s): E13 Bye Focal II.2012 3-Pack
2014 Demolition Derby 5-Pack Olive Green Black & Orange stripes, Black stars, White 'BF2' on sides. Tan / Plastic Clear Chrome Black w White rim OH5 BFB40 Thailand Base code(s): IMG 3108 24-0
160/250 2015 HW Race - Super Chromes Chrome Blue & Light Blue stripes, White HW logo on sides Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Blue) Blue Chrome & Blue OH5SP CFL00 Malaysia Base code(s): H26, H32 ByeFocalIIChrome
2016 Mystery Models
(North America)

Pearl Gold White, Black, & Gold star and stripe decos & Black 'HW' Logo on sides Gold / Metal Yellow Chrome / Gold Gold/Black OH5 rear & Gold/Black SK5 front DTN36
Malaysia Chase
Base code(s): J32, H44
IMG 4258
2018 HW 50th Track Stars 5-Pack Purple Orange & Yellow stripes on side. 'HW 50' logo on sides. White / Metal Blue Chrome Purple rim Black MC5 FKT53 Indonesia Base Code(s): K52 Bye-Focal-II-h
2020 Track Builder Unlimited 5-Pack White Orange / Blue / Black Stripe design, HW logo on side. Metalflake Grey / Metal Tinted (Blue) Chrome Orange Tire, Chrome Blue RA6 GHP53 Indonesia Base Code(s): M45 2020TrackBuilderUltimate5PackByeFocalII

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