Cap Blastin' Hot Wheels were a series released in 1991. Each car was packaged with a launcher and percussion caps. Even though there is six cars in this series only three different castings were used. Back Burner & Sonic Special are the same casting which was later released as Speed Blaster. Jet Threat & Blast Trax are also the same casting which was later released as Road Pirate. Lastly, Velocitor & Road Torch are the same casting that appears to have not been released again. However, the names Velocitor & Road Torch were recycled for other castings.


Col. # Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
9446 Back Burner Yellow Pink & blue tampos Pink Chrome N/A BW Speed Blaster Yel
9447 Jet Threat Purple Red & yellow tampos Red / Plastic Chrome N/A BW Road pirate Prp
9448 Velocitor Red Yellow, black & white tampos Chrome N/A BW
Velocitor Model Cars 7d20d15a-cbde-44e2-9557-25e00b9ea510
9449 Sonic Special White Orange, red & yellow tampos Chrome N/A BW Sonic Special
9450 Blast Trax Black Blue & yellow tampos Chrome N/A BW
Blast Trax Model Cars d29dc930-6131-4242-9da6-5de0534d5699
9451 Road Torch Light Blue White & yellow tampos Chrome N/A BW
Road Torch Model Cars e669fe73-fd3d-4175-af76-23cf7d254875
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