Car-Nival Steamer
Debut Series Super Rigs
Produced 2018 - present
Designer  ?
Number FKW89
Carnival Steamer Front


Car-Nival Steamer is a New-For-2018 vehicle from the 2018 Super Rigs Hauler/car sets. The set included a specially-decorated Pedal Driver vehicle.

Like most Super Rigs, Car-Nival Steamer has a unique feature; the cover on the trailer can be raised, exposing a circular piece up top which a piece of track can be attached to for a simple downhill racing track.


The Car-Nival Steamer has been released in the following versions:

Year Toy # Series Color Tampo Country Wheels Notes/Variations Card Photo Vehicle Photo
2018 FKW89 Super Rigs Red, blue, yellow, green Circus-based Thailand Yellow DD8 & Yellow OR6SP Base Code: L28A Car-Nival Steamer Pack Car-Nival Steamer w Pedal Driver Raised Trailer
2018 FKW90 Super Rigs Purple, Ping, Green Halloween scheme Thailand Green DD8 & Green OR6SP Base Code: Car-Nival Steamer (2nd Color)


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