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|Transparent Blue/Chrome [https://hotwheels.fandom.com/wiki/OH5]OH5
|Chrome Blue and Transparent Blue [https://hotwheels.fandom.com/wiki/OH5]OH5

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Debut Series New Models
Produced 2008 - Present
Designer Alton Takeyasu
Number L9951
Carbonator AltonArt.JPG


Carbonator is a Hot Wheels casting based on a glass soda bottle on wheels with a large spoiler styled as a bottle opener. Designed by Alton Takeyasu, the Carbonator debuted in the 2008 New Models. Alton's original, working name for the casting was "Bottle Rocket" but the name was not available for use. After many suggested names, the team ended up on Carbonator. Manson Cheung translated the design to a digital file, and adjusted it for track-worthiness. He added cool elements such as a "pop top" detail on the chassis bottom. Fun fact: the spoiler can be used as a bottle opener and the front can be used as a can opener.


The Carbonator has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
036 2008 New Models
Clear Green Red & White 'Hot Wheels Cola' on sides Unpainted / Metal Chrome OH5 L9951 Malaysia 08 carbonator.jpg
3/7 2009 Clover Cars Clear Green Green, White & Black tampos, 'Clover Soda' across top Black / Plastic Chrome Gold OH5 N8532 Malaysia Wal-Mart Exclusive Carbonator clover.JPG
137 2010 Faster Than Ever
Clear Orange Green, White & Red tampos, 'Fasttrack Race Juice' on sides Metalflake Red / Metal Metallic Grey FTE R7562 Malaysia Carbonator FTE1.JPG
137 2010 Faster Than Ever
Clear Orange Green, White & Red tampos, 'Fasttrack Race Juice' on sides Metalflake Red / Metal Metallic Grey OH5 Malaysia Available only in multi-packs Carbonator FTE1 OH5.JPG
- 2012 HW Jukebox Happy New Year Clear Red Yellow, Orange & Red flames on sides, stripes & 'Happy New Year 2012' across top Pearl White / Metal Chrome Gold Black & Gold PR5 V0397 Malaysia Was released in the HW Decades assortments Image Not Available.jpg
- 2013 Happy New Year Clear Blue Yellow & Gold flames & HW logo on sides, flames, Black stripes, & 'Happy New Year 2013' across top Pearl Gold / Metal Chrome Pearl White & Gold OH5 Y5416 Malaysia Was released in the HW Decades assortments Image Not Available.jpg
136 2013 HW Racing X-Raycers
Clear Blue White, Blue, Green & Silver tampos, 'Carbonator Energy' on sides Lime Green / Metal Metallic Grey Clear Blue & Chrome OH5 X1766 Malaysia Treasure Hunt
Base code(s):
- 2014 Happy New Year Clear Brown White, Gold & Black tampos, HW logo on sides, 'Happy New Year 2014' across top Anodized Cranberry Red / Metal Chrome Gold Clear Yellow & Chrome OH5 Y2083 Malaysia Was released in the HW Jukebox assortments
172 / 250 2014 HW Race X-Raycers
Clear Yellow Yellow, Black & White tampo, 'Carbonator' on sides Metalic Turquoise / Metal Metallic Grey Clear & Chrome Orange OH5 BFD41 Malaysia Base Code(s): F43, F45, F48 Carbonator-2014 172.jpg
172 / 250 2014 HW Race X-Raycers
Clear Green Yellow, Purple & Black tampo, 'Carbonator' on sides Pearl Magenta / Metal Metallic Grey Clear & Chrome OH5 BFG67 Malaysia Base Code(s): G05

Came also with Black & Chrome OH5

- 2015 HW Road Trippin' - Happy New Year Red Black, White & Gold deco, HW logo & snowflakes on sides, '|Happy New Year 2016', snowflakes & stripes across top Metalflake Copper / Metal Red Pearl White OH5 w/ Gold Chrome rims DFL55 Malaysia Base code(s): CarbonatorDFL55.jpg
032 / 250 2016 Tool-In-1
Transparent Yellow Red, Orange, Yellow & White tampos, 'Hot Wheels Drink Co.', 'Fuel for Race', 'Lemon Mango' & 'Speed Power Performance' on sides Red / Metal White Grey & Black OH5SP DHP62 Malaysia Base code(s): CarbonatorDHP62.jpg
- 2016 Happy New Year Transparent Green Snowflakes, "Happy New Year 2017" and HW logo on top Dark Red / Metal Gold Red-Chrome OH5 w/ White Tires DJJ67 Malaysia Base Code(s): J29 Carbonator - 16 Holiday Hot Rods 600pxOTD.png
053 / 365 2017 Holiday Racers
Transparent Blue "2017 Happy New Year" and HW logo on sides Dark Red / Metal White Gold-Chrome OH5 w/ White Tires DTX46 Malaysia Base Code(s): J40, J42 Carbonator - 17 Holiday Racers 600pxOTD.jpg
2017 Holiday Hot Rods "2018 Happy New Year" and HW logo on sides Dark Gold /Metal Chrome Thailand 2018 Happy New Year.JPG
023 / 365 2018 Experimotors
Transparent Red HW logo & 'Carbonator Lemon Cherry' on sides Pearl Steel Blue / Metal Gold Yellow & Pearl White OH5SP FJW13 Malaysia Base code(s): K33 FJW13 C.JPG
2018 Experimotors
Green HW logo & 'Carbonator Lime Melon' on sides Magenta / Metal Grey White OH5SP FKC01 Malaysia Kmart Excl:Feb 17, 2018
Base code(s): K44
2018 - Experimotors 2-10 - Carbonator - K-Mart Exclusive - Green.jpg
2018 Holiday Hot Rods
Green Gold & Red Stars and Stripes,
Gold Red White
Chrome Green
FKV13 Indonesia Base code(s): L27 HW CARBONATOR FKV13.jpg
34 / 250 2019 X-Raycers
Clear Yellow Purple and Blue, CARBONATOR in white on body Purple Blue Chrome Blue and Transparent Blue [1]OH5 FYD65 Malaysia Base Code: L39 2019 Carbonator blue yellow.jpg
34 / 250 2019 X-Raycers
FYF32 Malaysia Base Code: 2019 Hot Wheels Carbonator 2nd colour.jpg


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