2012 Releases

Released again for 2012, the 2012 Cars of the Decades series was released exclusively at Wal-Mart and covered eight decades of American automobiles with four vehicles from each decade. The vehicles in this series are:

Decade # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Photo
'30s 1/32 '35 Classic Caddy Black/Metalflake Olive Dark Green pinstripe Unpainted / Metal Clear White LW W3993 Malaysia 2012 cotd '35 cadillac
'30s 2/32 '34 Ford Black w/ Red fenders Red & White triangle tampos on sides and hood Unpainted / Metal Clear Black 5SP W3981 Malaysia Decades12-34 Ford
'30s 3/32 Deuce Roadster Dark Burgundy Yellow stripe on hood. Yellow & White tampo on sides. "2" on doors Unpainted / Metal Clear Black Yellow 5SP W3985 Malaysia Decades12-DeuceRoadster
'30s 4/32 Neet Streeter Dark Blue Black & White Chequred Stripe, 'Ford' logo. '36' on doors Unpainted / Metal N/A Chrome 5SP W3989 Malaysia Decades12-NeetStreeter
'40s 5/32 Tail Dragger Dark Plum Black & Gold detailing to sides and hood Chrome / Plastic Clear White LW W3986 Malaysia Decades12-TailDragger
'40s 6/32 '40's Woodie Teal w/ brown wood panelling and black/green roof Green and Silver pinstriping on roof and hood Unpainted / Metal Clear Black 5SP W3982 Malaysia Decades12-40sWoodie
'40s 7/32 '49 Merc Tan Maroon and Gold Scallops / Stripes Chrome / Plastic Clear Maroon Gold LW W3994 Malaysia Cotd '49 merc
'40s 8/32 '40 Ford Coupe Dark copper & Black Gold detail striping on hood. Black & Silver stripes on sides Chrome / Plastic Clear Beige 5SP W3990 Malaysia Decades12-40sFord
'50s 9/32 Custom '59 Cadillac Metalflake Green White and Green stripe pinstriping Chrome / Plastic Clear White LW W3995 Malaysia Custom 59 caddy cotd
'50s 10/32 '56 Ford F 100 Panel Orange & Gold Cream & Gold striping. 'Sheltman's Tire & Service' on panel sides. 'Open 24 hours' Black / Plastic Clear Chrome 5SP W3995 Malaysia Decades12-56Ford
'50s 11/32 So Fine Metalflake purple. Silver roof Mauve, silver & white striping and panels. Chrome / Plastic Smoke tint White LW 3983 Malaysia Decades12-SoFine
'50s 12/32 '57 Chevy Yellow Black lower sides, red '57' on doors, black '57' on roof. Chevrolet logo on trunk. Chrome / Plastic Clear Clear 5SP W3987 Malaysia Decades12-'57Chevy
'60s 13/32 '69 Chevy Camaro Yellow Black / Plastic Black 5SP W3988 Malaysia 11 Decade Car 69 Camaro Yellow 5SPs top
'60s 14/32 '65 Volkswagen Fastback Purple Yellow and Orange stripes/waves, "Hot Wheels" Unpainted / Metal Yellow Tint Unpainted Metal + Grey Gold 5SP W3992 Malaysia IMG 3065c 1000
'60s 15/32 '69 Corvette M Black roof, Orange & Red tampos on sides, hood, & trunk Black Plastic Clear Chrome 5SP W3996 Malaysia Decades12-'69Corvette
'60s 16/32 '65 Mustang Metalflake Green Black stripes with gold edges on hood, trunk and sides Unpainted / Metal Smnoke tint Black 5SP W3984 Malaysia Decades12-65Mustang
'70s 17/32 '75 Corvette Stingray Green Yellow & Green stripes to top and sides. 'Corvette' along sides. Unpainted / Metal Smoke tint Black MC5 W4001 Malaysia Decades-75Corvette
'70's 18/32 '71 Plymouth GTX White w/ matt black roof Blue deco, "GTX", "Hot Wheels", "Plymouth" Chrome / Plastic Dark tint Black 5SP W3997 Malaysia 2012 cotd '71 plymouth gtx
'70s 19/32 SS Express Metalflake Copper Brown, Yellow & Red stripes to top and sides. Unpainted / metal Clear Black Gold 5SP W4005 Malaysia Decades12-SSExpress
'70s 20/32 '70 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Blue Black, Yellow & Orange strips. "Mach 1" Black Plastic Clear Black Gold 5SP W4009 Malaysia Decades12-Mach1
'80s 21/32 Toyota AE-86 Corolla Black/Silver Red White and Orange Hood and side stripes Chrome Plastic Clear Dark Grey White 10SP W4006 Malaysia IMG 3063c 1000
'80s 22/32 '80 Pontiac Firebird Yellow Red, Orange & Black stripes on sides and top. Firebird emblem on hood. Black painted Metal Clear Black 10SP W4002 Malaysia Image Not Available
'80s 23/32 '84 Pontiac Fiero Orange Red, Orange and Black stripes w/ "Fiero GT" on rear 1/4 panel, "Fiero" & symbol on hood Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Black Gold PR5 W3998 Malaysia Decades12-Fiero
'80s 24/32 '83 Chevy Silverado Red White stripes with yellow edges on Hood and sides. 'CHEVROLET' on tailgate Chrome / Plastic Clear Black 5SP W4010 Malaysia Cotd 83 silverado
'90s 25/32 '92 Ford Mustang Metalflake Blue over White White centre stripe over top, green & pink zig zags Gray / Plastic Clear Black PR5 W4003 Malaysia IMG 3038c 1000
'90s 26/32 Pontiac Firebird Yellow Red, White, Black & Blue tampos, "9", "Firebird" w/ racing decos Dk. Gray / Plastic Smoke tint Gray Gray 5SP W4007


Base Code: E23

Image Not Available
'90s 27/32 Chevy Pro Stock Truck Metalflake Green White front panel extending into white lightning bolt deco over vehicle. Black lower half on sides. 'Chevy Trucks' & logos on sides. Chrome / Plastic Clear Yellow 5SP W4011 Malaysia Decades12-ChevyProStock
'90s 28/32 Customized C3500 Purple White, Green, Purple, & Pink tampos on sides & bedcover Chrome / Plastic Clear Grey PR5 W3999 Malaysia Image Not Available
'00s 29/32 '09 Corvette ZR1 Metalflake Steel Blue Slate Blue and Silver stripes, "Hot Wheels", "ZR1" Black / Plastic Smoke Gray Gray LW W4000 Malaysia

2012 Cars Of The Decades '09 Corvette ZR1

'00s 30/32 '10 Camaro SS Metalflake Grey Black & Blue Stripes on Sides, Hood, & Trunk, Taillights Black / Plastic Smoke Black Chrome rim, Black OH5 W4004 Malaysia Image Not Available
'00s 31/32 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR Metalflake Golden Yellow Black Large on hood, Black top & rear, ACR on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Black OH5 W4008 Malaysia Dodge Viper ACR - 12 Decades copy
'00s 32/32 2005 Ford Mustang GT Red & Black Black & Yellow stripes on sides. Twin yellow stripes over the top. 'GT' on side Black / Plastic Clear Black Yellow rimmed, black MC5 Y5395 Malaysia Cotd 2005 mustang gt

2011 Releases

The 2011 Cars of the Decades series was a Wal-Mart exclusive series that covered eight decades of American automobiles with four vehicles from each decade. The vehicles in this series are:

Decade # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Photo
'30s 01/32 '33 Ford Dark Yellow Red, black & white tampos, "33" on doors & grille, "J. Mack" Chrome / Plastic Clear Black 5SP V4419 Malaysia P1110084c 1000
'30s 02/32 '37 Ford Red "Hot Wheels Delivery Co." Unpainted / Metal Tinted Black 5SP V4420 Malaysia 37 ford red 2011 decades
'30s 03/32 '32 Ford Sedan Delivery Teal with Tan Side Steps Gold, White and Black Tampos, "Hot Wheels City Postal Service", "H.W. Mail" Unpainted / Metal Clear Tan Red LW W1464 Thailand 32 ford cotd
'30s 04/32 '32 Ford White and Flat Blue Blue, Black and Red racing deco. Black / Plastic Clear Red Red Chrome 5SP W1754 Malaysia 32Ford Decades
'40s 05/32 '41 Willys Metallic Green "El Segundo Shaker" Black / Plastic Clear Tan Gold 5SP V4421 Malaysia 41 willys green 2011 decades
'40s 06/32 '40 Ford Black Beige, silver & dark red Chrome / Plastic Clear Beige 5SP V4422 Malaysia 40FordCotD
'40s 07/32 '47 Chevy Fleetline Metallic Blue Lt. Blue & Silver stripes Chrome / Plastic Clear Grey WSP W1755 Malaysia 47 chevy fleetline
'40s 08/32 Purple Passion Metalflake Brown Gold and Black Stripes, White Roof Chrome / Plastic Smoke tint White 5SP W1465 Malaysia CoDPurplePassion
'50s 09/32 '56 Chevy Bel Air White Red roof and trunk, '56' and sides. '56' & Hot Wheels on roof. Painted Headlights. Unpainted / Metal Blue Tinted Black Red 5SP V4423 Malaysia 56 chevy bel air 2011 white
'50s 10/32 '57 Ford Thunderbird Metallic Lt. Blue White Scallops Chrome / Plastic Clear Clear 5SP V4424 Malaysia 57 ford thunderbird teal 2011 decades
'50s 11/32 '56 Flashsider Metalflake Red White pin-striping Unpainted / Metal Smoke Tine Black 5SP W1756 Malaysia IMG 1594 01c
'50s 12/32 8 Crate Gold Red & Black Stripes. Phil's Body Shop & Hot Wheels 24 Hour Parts Delivery. Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome 5SP W1466 Malaysia 8Crate Decades
'60s 13/32 '67 Pontiac GTO Light green Dark green, olive green & light green panels on hood, trunk & sides w/flower design Chrome / Plastic Clear Black MC5 V4425 Malaysia CarsOfTheDecades67PontiacGTO
'60s 14/32 '67 Chevy Camaro Purple Yellow & brown pattern on sides with a number of small tampos. "67" on yellow stripe outlined in orange on hood, roof, & trunk. "67" on side door. Unpainted / Metal Clear Black Gold Chrome MC5 V4426 Malaysia 67 chevy camaro 2011 purple
'60s 15/32 '69 Ford Mustang Metallic Brown Yellow, Orange, & Black Stripes. "Hot Wheels Racing Team" & Sponsor Logos. Unpainted / Metal Tint Black Gold Chrome 5SP W1467 Malaysia 69 ford mustang 2011 met brown
60's 16/32 '62 Corvette Pearl Pink Purple, Red, and Silver Stripes. "Hot Wheels" Logos. Unpainted / Metal Blue Tint Tan 5SP W1757 Malaysia 62 corvette 2011 pink
'70s 17/32 '77 Corvette F/C Metallic Yellow Black, Red, White and Blue "Hot Wheels Racing Team" Deco Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome Gold Chrome 5SP V4427 Malaysia 78CorvetteFC Decades
'70s 18/32 Hot Bird Metalflake Silver Brown, yellow, orange & red stripes Unpainted / Metal Tinted Black Gold Chrome LW V4428 Malaysia P1100640c 1000
'70s 19/32 '70 Plymouth Roadrunner Orange Blue & Gold Stripe On Hood,Roof & Trunk.Blue & Gold Stripe On Side.Plymouth On 1/4 Panel Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black Gold Chrome 5SP W1758 Malaysia RoadRunner Decades
'70s 20/32 '71 El Camino Dk. Blue Yellow, Orange & Red stripes Unpainted / Metal Yellow Tint Grey Chrome 5SP W1468 Malaysia IMG 1597 01c
'80s 21/32 Buick Grand National Dk. Blue Black, Pink, & Silver stripes on sides. Black stripe on roof. Painted tail lights. Black / Plastic Clear Tan OH5 V4429 Malaysia Buick grand national 2011 blue
'80s 22/32 '80s Corvette Pearl White Dual gold stripes nose to tail, gold stripe on lower side, "Corvette" on doors Unpainted / Metal Tinted Pearl Gold White 10SP V4430 Malaysia 80sCorvette Decades
'80s 23/32 '80s Camaro Z28 Turquoise Magenta, Yellow & Blue stripes, "Camaro" Unpainted / Metal Tinted Black PR5 W1469 Malaysia 80sCamaro Decades
'80s 24/32 '86 Monte Carlo SS Red Black and Yellow stripes, Racing deco Black / Plastic Blue tint Black Dark Grey 5SP W1759 Malaysia 86MonteCarloSS Decades
'90s 25/32 Pro Stock Firebird Metallic Purple "Leeway Racing" on door - checkered flag quarter panel Chrome / Plastic Light Blue Grey Gold Chrome 5SP V4997 Malaysia 03-17-11 (MTAB) 020
'90s 26/32 Dodge Viper Metallic Green Blue Stripes outlined in White, Magenta splash design Black / Plastic Tinted Black 10SP V4998 Malaysia DodgeViperRT10 Decades
'90s 27/32 Mustang Cobra Black Yellow, Dark Orange, White & Light Blue Tampos, "Hot Wheels Racing Team","20", Racing Decos Gray / Plastic Clear Red Gold Chrome LW W1470 Malaysia MustangCobra Decades
'90s 28/32 McLaren F1 GTR



Head light details,Yellow stripes on sides,roof and hood,'34' on rear fenders and above the right head light,'morse motors','hwgrfx','ostendorff' logos on sides.'cam' logos above head lights,'hot wheels' logos on rear fender and hood,black rear fenders Black/Plastic Clear Grey Yellow PR5 W1760 Thailand Mclaren f1
'00s 29/32 Ford Mustang GT Metallic Grey Satin Black Hood. White stripe, Rear light and trim detail Black / Plastic Clear Black Red Chrome rim, Black OH5 V4999 Malaysia 2005MustangGT Decades
'00s 30/32 Dodge Ram 1500 Satin Metallic Dark Red Off White tribal design outlined in Silver and Black Black / Plastic Clear Chrome Gold Chrome OR6SP V5000 Malaysia DodgeRam15004x4 Decades
'00s 31/32 '06 Dodge Viper Yellow Black stripes, Silver trim details Black / Plastic Tinted Black Red Chrome rim, Black PR5 W1471 Malaysia 06ViperSRT10 Decades
'00s 32/32 Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce Pearl White Black and Silver "SV" stripes. Light and trim details Black / Plastic Clear Grey White rim, Black PR5 W1761 Malaysia LamborghiniMurcielagoSV Decades


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