Snake Casting numbers

Similar cast, different cast numbers.

A Cast Number is an arrangement of numbers embedded into the casting to identify that cast, car, base, glass, etc. If there are casting changes, even those you can not see, Mattel will change this number. Mattel DOES NOT normally place it where you can see it unless you take the car apart. The number can change at any time, such as pre production, during a run (i.e. a cast breaks and/or needs to be repaired), a change before next year's run, when the cast starts to wear out, etc. They are displayed on the blisterpack in 4 numbers (5 numbers for newer models). They correspond to the cast number on the body (see photo). In the photo, the 2 cars look identical until you start to look for little differences.  The Toy Number can also be found in the form of the first 5 characters on the top of the card (shown in the bottom photo).
IMG 20160129 163049421

The Toy Number for this casting is DHP27.

On this Wiki it is sometimes called the Toy # or Toy Number in the top column. This is the Cast Number.

Cast numbers are not numbered blisterpack collector numbers, 1, ,2 etc.
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