B. Engineering (the "B." is for Borel") is a car manufacturer founded by Jean-Marc Borel, who in 2000 bought part of Bugatti's facility in Campogalliano, Italy. The first and only model built was the B.Engineering Edonis, developed with Bugatti and based on its model EB1100 Super Sport.

What they ended up with was a car that could travel 225 mph with a 0-60 time under 4 seconds. The car, made of carbon fiber and aluminum has a twin turbo-charged V-12 creating 680 bhp. Trying everything they could to reduce weight, they even went with a run-flat tire so they would not have to install a spare.

Final cost was just under $1million. There was less than 21 of the cars built, and in 2004 the project has been discontinued. Luckily we have seen a few more Hot Wheels produced, and for a few dollars less.

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