A segment series of the mainline that ran from 1978 to 1979.

Year Casting Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
1978 Buzz Off Gold (chrome) Red, Dark Red &Black "the Golden One" Black/Plastic Blue tinted Black Blackwall 6876 Hong Kong BuzzOff GoldBW
1978 Ice 'T' Enamel Light Green Dark Green & Orange Swirl Unpainted / Metal Black BW 6980 Hong Kong 1974 Lt Green ICE T BW
1978 Science Friction White Yellow, Black and Red Unpainted / Metal Chrome N/A BW 2018 Hong Kong Science friction bw
1978 Second Wind White Red, Yellow, Purple "5" Black / Plastic Green-Tinted Black BW 9644 Hong Kong Second Wind WhtBWGrn
1978 Spoiler Sport Light Green Black, Red and Yellow "Spoiler Sport" and sunset graphics Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Blue tint BW 9641 Hong Kong 2 small windows in rear Spoiler Sport - 6425df
1978 Stagefright Brown Orange & Yellow tampos on sides Unpainted / Metal None Unpainted & Black BW 2020 Hong Kong Stagefright loose
1979 Bubble Gunner Magenta Yellow, Orange, White, stripes with stars Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Yellow) Chrome BW 2511 Hong Kong Bubble Gunner Mag L
1979 Inside Story Grey Red, Yellow & Blue tampos on sides Black / Plastic Tinted (Blue) Chrome BW 2510 Hong Kong Inside Story GryL
1979 Large Charge Orange Maroon, Purple and White "4" Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Unpainted / Metal BW 8272 Hong Kong Large Charge Org
1979 Paddy Wagon Navy Blue Gold "Police" and "3" on sides Black / Plastic No Window Black / Plastic BW Hong Kong Paddy Wagon BW77
1979 Red Baron Red None Unpainted / Metal Black BW 6964 Hong Kong Red Baron RedBWR
1979 Spacer Racer Red 'M-8 Rescue' on sides, circuit board on top Chrome / Plastic Chrome Yellow BW 2503 Hong Kong Spacer Racer Red


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