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A coupé utility is an unusual automotive body style that combines a conventional passenger car with an integrated cargo bed. It was first developed in Australia in the early 1930s, and spread throughout the world. Usually, a manufacturer will take an existing car and simply add a bed to it, with no change to the mechanicals or the front half of the body. For example, Chevrolet El Caminos built from 1964 to 1977 were based on the Chevelles of that period.

Hot Wheels has produced a few coupé utilities over the years, most of which are either Chevrolet El Caminos or generic cars of their own design.

Order of release

Year/Release Casting
1968 Hot Wheels
1970 Hot Wheels
1970 Set
1974 Hot Wheels
1975 Hot Wheels
1984 Hot Wheels Real Riders
1999 Cool Collectibles
1999 El Camino 40th Anniversary 2-Car Set
2000 First Editions
First Editions
2002 Custom Classic Trucks II - 2 Car Set
2004 First Editions Realistics
2008 Modern Classics
2010 HW's Garage 30 car set
2010 Holiday Hot Rods Target Exclusive
2011 New Models 41/50
New Models
2012 The Hot Ones
New! for 2013 HW Stunt - HW Stunt Circuit
2013 San Diego Comic Con
2019 New Models Volkswagen

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