Experimotors is a segment/mini collection where Hot Wheels brings back old castings with special features as well as produces new models with extra features.Including but not limited with models having a tool-in-one designing purpose,or parts that could be switched into another position, to achieve something like turning into a jet/popping out the driver's seat/opening cockpit/working suspension/etc.It also intoduced the M5SP wheel which is able to trigger some action of a moving part when the car is rolling.However,despite some castings do have these signatures,they don't(never) appear in this segment,as upsloped chin doesn't count as a "special feature"at all.Last but not least,unlike the castings HW Special Features Series in 2009,this segment/mini collection only features castings only consists 4 pieces omitted wheels and axles。

It was begun in 2017,repeated in 2018 and 2019.

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