1/64 Scale

(2001) Maelstrom
(2002) Backdraft
(2002) Lotus Esprit
(2003) Fish'd & Chip'd
(2004) F-Racer
(2004) Tooned Lamborghini Countach
(2004) Sixy Beast
(2004) The Gov'ner
(2005) Cockney Cab II
(2006) Pharodox
(2008) Prototype H-24
(2008) RocketFire

Haulers & Trucks

Over the years, Fraser has worked on many of the Haulers and Truckin' Transporters for the Hot Wheels line. He brings a wide variety of designs to these trucks from exotic futuristic rigs to modern ones that could easily hit todays highways.

Monster Jam

The Monster Jam line is where Fraser has done a lot of his work. Many of the monster trucks have been designed or shrunk to small scale by him. So far the Monster Jam trucks have been a smashing hit!

Maelstrom610 15:03, 12 March 2008 (UTC)

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