Masters of the Universe television cartoon was first featured on the Hiway Hauler in 1986.

Year Series Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1986 Hot Wheels Workhorses Hiway Hauler White Black, Red and Blue "Masters of the Universe" Unpainted / Metal Black tint Black BW 2548 Malaysia Hiway Hauler MstrUnv.JPG
1986 France only Cadillac Seville Metal
A "Le Club Des Maitres De L'Univers" (Masters Of The Universe Club) design on the hood Unpainted / Metal Clear Black Gray Turbine Goodyear RR France Only released in France to members of the French Masters of the Universe club - ("Le Club Des Maitres De L'Univers") 100 5056.jpg
1998 Timeless Toys 4-Pack Ford F-150 Metallic Gold Red and Black "Masters Of The Universe" on sides and hood Black / Plastic Gray tint Chrome 5SP Malaysia Ford F-150 Gld.JPG

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