For all castings that have a purpose besides being a toy car/plane/boat etc!

  1. see segment series 2016 HW Tool-In-1 Series
Casting Year Secondary Function
Teed Off WhtGry

Tee'd Off aka Fore Wheeler

1999 Golf tee
2006 Whistle
2008 Spoiler is a bottle opener and front end is a can opener
2010 Multi-purpose tool: spoiler = 3/8 wrench; chassis = 1/4" hex for bits; front spoiler = ruler with measurements in inches (international versions of FE have metric)
2011 Money clip
2015 Golf tee
2017 Hot Wheels logo embosser
2018 Bubble blowing ring
2018 Go Pro Session camera attachment
2020 Multi-purpose tool
2020 Money clip

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