Hot Wheels / Charawheels / Bandai were produced exclusively for the Japanese market between 2002 - 2004. The models are approximately 1:64 scale vehicles and are based on movies and television shows that were popular in Japan at that time.

Vehicles in this series:

Col # Year Name Photo Close-up
CW01 Airbike Prototype
CW01 COBRA.jpg
CW02 Auto Vajin Vehicle Mode
CW02 Masked Raida Faiz.jpg
CW03 Masked Rider X Cruiser
CW03 masked rider x.jpg
CW04 Jungler
CW04 Jungler.jpg
CW05 Beatchaser 2000
CW05 Beatchaser 2000.jpg
CW08 Spearcar
CW08 Spercar.jpg
CW1 Pointer
CW1 Pointer.jpg
CE CW1 Pointer
CE cw1 Pointer.jpg
CW2 Machine Sherlock
CW2 Machinesherlock.jpg
CW3 New Cyclone
CW3 New Cyclone.jpg
Magazine Promo
New Cyclone
CE cw3.jpg
CW4 Hurricane
CW4 Hurricane.jpg
CW5 Trychaser 2000
CW5 Trychaser 2000.jpg
CW6 Raijin Go
CW6 Raijingo.jpg
CW7 Mach Go
CW7 MachGo 1.jpg
CE (CW7) Mach Go
CE cw7 MachGo.jpg
CW8 Mat Vehicle
CW8 Mat Vehicle.jpg
CE CW8 Mat Vehicle
CE cw8 Mat Vehicle CE.jpg
CW9 Machine Zellet
CW9 Machinezellet.jpg
CW10 Side Machine
CW10 Sidemachine.jpg
CW11 Kikaider01 Double Machine
CW11 Kikaider01 Doublemachine.jpg
CW12 Hakaider No Shiroi Karasu
CW12 Hakaider no Shiroikarasu.jpg
CW13 Joker
CW13 Joker.jpg
CW14 Ryusei Go
CW14 Ryuseigo.jpg
CW15 Cyclone
CW15 Cyclone.jpg
CW16 Mach Rod
CW16 Machrod.jpg
CW17 Machine Tornader
CW17 Machinetornader.jpg
CW18 Gill's Raider
CW18 Gillsraider.jpg
CW19 Guard Chaser
CW19 Guard Chaser.jpg
CW20 Zubat Car
CW20 Zubatcar 1bb.jpg
CW21 2001 Delorean I
CW21 Delorean BTTF I.jpg
CE 2001 Delorean II
CE cw21a Delorean II.jpg
CE 2001 Delorean III
CE cw21b Delorean III.jpg
CW22 Knight 2000 K.I.T.T.
CW22 K.I.T.T. 2000.jpg
CW22 Kitt clear.jpg

Red Strobe Light

Knight 2000 K.I.T.T.
CW22 K.I.T.T. 2000.jpg
CW22 Kitt Paint.jpg
CE Knight 2000 K.A.R.R.
CE cw 2000 K.A.R.R..jpg
CW23 Fab1
CW23 FAB 1.jpg
CW24 2001 Stingray
CW24 Stingray.jpg
CW25 Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle
CW25 Captain Scarlet.jpg
CW26 Shepard
CW26 Shepherd.jpg
CW27-1 Fiat 500
CW27 Lupin the 3rd - 3 pk.jpg
CW27-1 Fiat.jpg
CW27-2 Citroen 2 CV
CW27 Lupin the 3rd - 3 pk.jpg
CW27-2 Cireoen 2CV.jpg
CW27-3 Hamber Super Snipe
CW27 Lupin the 3rd - 3 pk.jpg
CW27-3 Hamber Super Snipe.jpg
CW28 Machine Hayabusa
CW28 Machine Hayabusa.jpg
CE (CW28) Machine Hayabusa V3
CE cw28 Machine Hayabusa v3.jpg
CW29 Special Control Vehicle
CW29 Special Control Vehicle Type-98.jpg
CW30 Shocker Autobike
CW30 shocker 1st.jpg

Promo Prize

Shocker Autobike
CW30a RARE yellow fuel tank.jpg

Repeated number

Gelshocker Autobike
CW30 Gelshocker Autobike -2.jpg
CW31 Riderman Machine
CW31 Riderman Machine.jpg
CW32 Rideron
CW32 Rideron.jpg
CW33 Rideshooter
CW33 Rideshooter.jpg
CE CW33 Ridershooter_Ryuga_Version
CE cw33 Rideshooter Ryuga Version.jpg
CW34 Gavan No Saibarian
CW34 Gavan No Saibarian.jpg
CE CW34 Gavan No Saibarian
CE cw34 Gavan no Saibarian.jpg
CW35 Motosharian
CW35 Motosharian.jpg
CW36 Magnabeetle
CW36 Magnabeetle.jpg
CW38 Asurada GSX
CW38 Asurada GSX.jpg

DVD Promo

Asurada GSX
CE Asurada GSX.jpg
CW39 Machine Zavorger
CW39 Machine Zavorger.jpg
CW40 Airwolf
CW40 Airwolf.jpg
CE (CW40) Airwolf Armed
CE cw40 Airwolf armed.jpg
CE Kikaider_the_Animation
CE cw Kikaider the Animation.jpg
CWUE Vol 1
CWUE Vol 1.jpg
CWUE Vol 1a.jpg
CWUE Vol 2
CWUE Vol 2.jpg
CWUE Vol 2a.jpg
CWUE Vol 4
CWUE Vol 4.jpg
CWUE Vol 4a.jpg
CWUE 8 Rider
CWUE 8 rider 1.jpg
CWUE 8 rider 1a.jpg

Magazine Promo

9 Rider
CWUE 9 Rider b.jpg
CWUE 9 Rider b.jpg
9th rider takeshi2.jpg
CWUE TAXi 3.jpg
CWUE TAXi 3a.jpg
CWUE The Glory of the Rider Machine
CWUE The Glory Of Rider Machine 1.jpg
CWUE The Glory Of Rider Machine 1a.jpg
CWUE The Glory Of Rider Machine 1b.jpg
CWUE The Glory Of Rider Machine 1c.jpg
CWUE Toei 1.jpg
CWUE Toei 1a.jpg
CWUE Thunderbirds 1
CWUE Thunderbirds 1.jpg
CWUE Thunderbirds 1a.jpg
CWUE Thunderbirds 2
CWUE Thunderbirds 2.jpg
CWUE Thunderbirds 2a.jpg
CWUE Thunderbirds 3
CWUE Thunderbirds 3.jpg
CWUE Thunderbirds 3a.jpg
Bandai release Batman
Batman Set 1.jpg
Batmobile Set .jpg
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