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Charles Angulo is a Peruvian-American designer who has been working at Mattel since 2018 as an Associate Designer. Prior to his work at Mattel, Angulo was a transportation designer for Divergent 3D. He is also known to have gone under the Internet handle of "unconventional__design".


Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
2019 First Order Jet Trooper Star Wars Character Cars - FYT33 First Order Jet Trooper (FYT33).jpg
2019 Wall-E Disney Character Cars 5/6 GGX59 Wall-E.jpg
2020 Alpha Pursuit HW Rescue 1/10 GHB75 Alpha Pursuit. Side.jpg
2020 Donut Drifter Fast Foodie 1/10 GHB63 2020 Hot Wheels Donut Drifter.jpg
2020 Geoterra Baja Blazers 3/10 GHB58 102 - Geoterra.jpg
2020 HW Warp Speeder Track Stars 1/5 GHB82 2020NM04.JPG
2020 Anna Disney Character Cars 2/6 GGX57 Anna (GGX57) 02.jpg
2020 Blanka Street Fighter Character Cars 3/5 GJJ31 981EE64D-4752-42C7-BA4A-265C27F15D90.jpeg
2020 Genji Overwatch Character Cars 5/5 GJJ25 GENJIfl.jpg
2020 Jack-Jack Disney Character Cars 6/6 GGX67 95443045 3269387736413111 8080028103159578624 n.jpg
2020 Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Character Cars 1/5 GJJ03 Leonardo (GJJ03) 02.jpg
2020 M. Bison Street Fighter Character Cars 4/5 GJJ33 45B1DB54-0EA1-4D04-B3FA-EF4C5318475D.jpeg
2020 Minion Carl Minions Character Cars 5/6 GMH78 Minion Carl - GMH78.jpg
2020 Minion Otto Minions Character Cars 3/6 GMH77 Minion Otto - GMH77.jpg
2020 Mr. Incredible Disney Character Cars 2/6 GGX65 718RcyzF4XL. AC SL1500 .jpg
2020 Ms. Marvel Marvel Character Cars - GJH94 Ms Marvel (Character Cars).jpg
2020 Pumbaa Disney Character Cars 5/6 FYW04 Pumbaa (FYW04) 01.jpg
2020 Sebastian Disney Character Cars 2/6 GGX58 96133630 3269387679746450 2667035649839726592 n.jpg
2020 Soldier: 76 Overwatch Character Cars 2/5 GJJ24 Soldier76.jpg
2020 Timon Disney Character Cars 5/6 GGX73 Timon (GGX73) 01.jpg
2020 Vega Street Fighter Character Cars 5/5 GJJ35 5307B369-6855-4F13-894F-03CE06E993CA.jpeg
2021 Battle Cat Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 38/75 GTH68 HWMT Battle Cat GTH68.jpg
2021 Aladdin Disney Character Cars - GRM65 Disney Character Car Aladdin 2021.jpg
2021 Bruce Disney Character Cars - GRM56 Bruce.jpg
2021 Cara Dune Star Wars Character Cars - GRM29 GRM29.jpg
2021 Fred Flintstone Hanna-Barbera Character Cars - GRM60 Fred-.png
2021 He-Man Masters of the Universe Character Cars - GRM21 He man the car the movie.JPG
2021 LeBron James Space Jam: A New Legacy Character Cars - GWR48 Space Jam Lebron James.jpg
2021 Man-at-Arms Masters of the Universe Character Cars - GRM23 Man at arms.JPG
2021 Pongo Disney Character Cars - GRM55 Pongo.jpg
2021 Scarlet Witch Marvel Character Cars - GRM32 ScarletWitchWanda.jpg
2021 Skeletor Masters of the Universe Character Cars - GRM22 Skeletormobile.JPG
2021 The Child Star Wars Character Cars - GWR45 Star Wars Character Car Grogu Loose.jpg
2021 Tommy Rugrats Character Cars - GRM52 E3492424-daf9-40bd-8b95-dd9448ba85c0.jpg
2021 Tweety Space Jam: A New Legacy Character Cars - GWR47 Space Jam Tweety.jpg
2022 HW K.I.T.T. Concept HW Exotics 5/10 HCR98 KITTConcept.jpg
2022 Bo Katan Star Wars Character Cars - HDL46 Star Wars Character Cars 2022 Bo Katan HDL46.jpg
2022 Chip Disney Character Cars - HDL74 Chip.jpg
2022 Dark Trooper Star Wars Character Cars - HDL45 Star Wars Character Cars Mix 2 2022 Dark Trooper HDL45.jpg
2022 Dug Disney Character Cars - HDL49 Dug.jpg
2022 Hercules Disney Character Cars - HDM91 Character Cars Disney Hercules HDM91 2022.jpg
2022 Jasmine Disney Character Cars - HGP05 Image Not Available.jpg
2022 Mighty Thor Marvel Character Cars - HDL47 Marvel Character Car Mighty Thor HDL47 2022.jpg
2022 Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Character Cars - GRM47 Image Not Available.jpg
2022 Tails Sonic the Hedgehog Character Cars - HDL38 Image Not Available.jpg
2022 The Batman DC Character Cars - GRM30 The Batman Ugly Car.jpg
2022 Zurg Lightyear Character Cars - HDL92 Image Not Available.jpg

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