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Chevy Pro Stock Truck
Debut Series 2000 First Editions
Produced 20002012
Designer Greg Padginton
Number 24370
Chevy S10 Fourth Car.jpg


The Chevy Pro Stock Truck has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Plastic Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
067 2000 2000 First Editions
Neon Orange Purple, Orange, White "PRO TRUCK", HotWheels Flame, & racing stickers on sides Chrome
Grey 5SP 24370 Malaysia Car name on chassis reads "1998 Pro Stock Chevy S10". Chevy pro stock truck neon orange malaysia base 2000.JPG
244 2000 Mainline Metallic Purple Purple/Red/White/black "PRO TRUCK", racing tampos Chrome Tinted Orange 5SP 29301 China '98 Pro Stock Chevy S10 truck purple 2000.JPG
2000 Hot Haulers 4-Pack Pearl White Black, Red, Green, Light Green "KARMA" Grey / Plastic Clear Grey 5SP 27663 Malaysia Toys R Us Exclusive Chevy Pro Stock Truck wht.JPG
2000 Puerto Rico Yellow Red, White, Blue, & Gray deco, stripes on sides & hood, 'P.R. Truck on sides, Pureto Rico flag on bed cover Chrome / Plastic Tinted Grey 5SP 27663 Malaysia Image Not Available.jpg
095 2001 Skin Deep
Fluorescent Yellow Silver, white & black tampos on sides & bed cover Black Clear Black PR5 50133 China Chevy pro stock truck neon yellow skin deep series.JPG
095 2002 Sweet Rides
White Red & blue tampos, "Baby Ruth" Black / Plastic Clear Red Red 5SP 54373 China Prostocktruck.jpg
2003 Hot Haulers 5-Pack Red Red, black, silver & orange tampos, "Eddie's Bail Bonds", "23" Chrome / Plastic Smoke Tint Gray 5SP 57066 China
2003 Shaman King: Yoh & Amidamaru Entertainment 2-Pack Dark Blue Shaman King deco on sides & hood Black / Plastic Clear Yellow Gold 5SP C3224 Thailand 003 Hot Wheels Shaman King - 2 Car Pack.jpg
2007 Hot Wheels 5 5-Pack Red Red, black, silver & orange tampos, "Eddie's Bail Bonds", "23" Chrome Smoke tint Gray 5SP L6997 China
2008 Fourth of July Metalflake Champagne Brown and Light Brown tampos on sides and hood, "Hot Wheels" on sides Chrome Clear White 5SP N1147 Wal-Mart Exclusive Chevy S10 Fourth Car.jpg
2009 Connect Cars
Dark Yellow Black, White, & Yellow tampos, 'Delaware' & '1' on sides & hood, stripes across top Chrome / Plastic Clear White 5SP N4193 Malaysia DELAWARE.jpg
129/244 2011 HW Drag Racers
Metallic Light Gray Orange, Purple and White Stripe design. "Trentmans A.C." Chrome / Plastic Clear Orange 5SP T9836 Malaysia Date Code(s): C43 ChevyProStock Drag Silver.JPG
129/244 2011 HW Drag Racers
Pearl Yellow Pink, Blue and White Stripe design, "Trentmans A.C." Chrome / Plastic Clear Gray 5SP T9940 Malaysia Date Code(s): C49, D02 2011ChevyProStockYellow.jpg
129/244 2011 HW Drag Racers
Satin Blue Orange, Blue and Silver Stripe design, "Trentmans A.C." Chrome / Plastic Clear Orange 5SP V5204 Malaysia Chevy pro stock truck 2011 blue.png
2011 Dale Jr.'s Picks
Dark Blue White,Red and Silver Stripe design,  Chrome / Plastic Red Orange 5SP Red in front W5505 Malaysia Named Pro Stock Chevy 15z.jpg
2012 Cars of the Decades
Metalflake Green White front panel extending into white lightning bolt deco over vehicle. Black lower half on sides. 'Chevy Trucks' & logos on sides. Chrome / Plastic Clear Yellow 5SP W4011 Malaysia 1479ba72239b28407855e3b955d77b.jpg