In 2012, Hot Wheels began releasing cars in celebration of the Chinese New Year starting with the Year of The Dragon.

Year Animal Casting Series Loose Image Card Artwork
2013 Snake / Dragon Rodzilla 2012 Mainline Rodzilla Rodzilla year of the dragon 2012
2014 Horse Horseplay Thrill Racers HW-2014-151-Horseplay-ThrillRacers Image Not Available
2015 Sheep Carbonic Stunt Circuit Carbonic15 Image Not Available
2016 Monkey D-Muscle HW Digital Circuit DMuscleDHP60 D-Muscle (DHP60) (Pack)
2017 Rooster Turbo Rooster Street Beasts DTX23 Turbo Rooster P1080124
2018 Dog Hotweiler Street Beasts HOTWEILER FJX39 7A4CEBE6-2137-Hotweiler
2019 Pig Image Not Available Image Not Available
2020 Rat Ratical Racer Street Beasts Image Not Available RaticalRacer20
2021 Ox Image Not Available Image Not Available
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