Christopher Colangelo is a Hot Wheels designer who has been working with Mattel since 2013. He is the design lead on the Hot Wheels Mario Kart series vehicles, Star Wars playsets, the Star Wars Starships line, design lead on San Diego Comic-Con exclusives and has worked on other major licenses for Hot Wheels, such as DC. Prior to his career at Mattel, he worked at Wham-O Toys, Jakks Pacific and Crayola and also had an internship career at Mattel before his full-time career.

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
2017 Bossk Star Wars Character Cars DMJ05 Bossk (FDK45) 01
2018 Ahsoka Tano Star Wars Character Cars FCD79 Ahsoka Tano
2018 Thanoscopter San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Cars GBP00 Thanoscopter
2019 TMNT Party Wagon San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Cars GJJ22 TMNT Party Wagon - 19 SDCC 1200pxOTD
2019 B Dasher Mario Kart GBG29 IMG 0285
2019 Badwagon Mario Kart GBG31 IMG 0304-0
2019 Circuit Special Mario Kart GGV85 IMG 0292
2019 Mach 8 Mario Kart GBG27 IMG 0267
2019 P-Wing Mario Kart GJH57 Image Not Available
2019 Sneeker Mario Kart GBG30 20200509 191611
2019 Sports Coupe Mario Kart GJH57 Donkey Kong Sports coupe
2019 Standard Kart Mario Kart GBG26 IMG 0274
2020 Banana Mario Kart 2/7 GLN43 GLN43 Banana
2020 Bob-omb Mario Kart 4/7 GLN43 GLN43 Bob-Omb
2020 Boo Mario Kart 3/7 GLN44 Image Not Available
2020 Cow Mario Kart 6/7 GLN44 Image Not Available
2020 Bullet Bill (Item Box) Mario Kart 2/7 GLN44 GLN43 Bullet Bill
2020 Goomba Mario Kart 5/7 GLN43 GLN43 Goomba
2020 Green Shell Mario Kart 1/7 GLN43 GLN43 Green Shell
2020 Monty Mole Mario Kart 6/7 GLN43 GLN43 Monty Mole
2020 Red Shell Mario Kart 1/7 GLN44 Image Not Available
2020 Shell Trophy Mario Kart 7/7 GLX73 GLX73 Shell Cup
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