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Chrysler Pronto
Debut Series 1999 First Editions
Produced 1999 - 2016
Designer Greg Padginton
Number 21075
Star Spangled Chrysler Pronto - 7063df.jpg


The Chrysler Pronto is based on the Chrysler Pronto Cruizer, a design that ultimately evolved into the Chrysler PT Cruiser.


The Chrysler Pronto has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
928 1999 1999 First Editions
Pearl Orange-Yellow Black "Hot Wheels" logo, Silver headlights, Black top Black / Plastic Black tint White 5SP 21075 Malaysia Chrysler Pronto Org.JPG
150 2000 Mainline Met. Purple tiny White Hot Wheels logo, Black top Black / Plastic Grey tint Grey 3SP 27116 China Chrysler Pronto Prp.JPG
029 2000 CD Customs
Met. Green Black, White "Hot Wheels" Black / Plastic Grey tint Black 3SP 26032 Malaysia Chrysler Pronto Grn.JPG
2000 JC Whitney Exclusive Black Silver deco on sides, hood, & rear, JC Whitney deco on sides Gray / Plastic Clear White PC5 26229 Malaysia Image Not Available.jpg
2000 JC Whitney Exclusive White JC Whitney deco on sides Gray / Plastic Clear Red PC5 26151 Malaysia Image Not Available.jpg
2000 Philadelphia Phillies Promo Silver Chrysler Log on side, Phillies 2000 Logo on Hood. Black Top Black / Plastic Tinted Red 3SP 28790 Thailand Handed out at one Phillies game during 2000 season. 00phillies.jpg
079 2002 Star-Spangled
Metalflake Dark Red Blue, Red, Silver and White stars and stripes tampos on sides and hood Black / Plastic Blue tint Gray LW 54389 Malaysia Star Spangled Chrysler Pronto - 7063df.jpg
- 2009 Hot Wheels 10-Pack Exclusive Metalflake Dark Gray Black & Gold Graphics. Gold "CHRYSLER" Dark Chrome Plastic Black Not Visible Gold-Rim, Black PR5 54886 Malaysia Chrysler Pronto - 09 10-Pack.JPG
- 2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard: Concept Cars Black Silver headlights, Red Taillights Unpainted / Metal clear Grey RLRR5SP W4584 Malaysia IMG 3189c1000.jpg
2016 HW Flames 5-Pack Metalflake Dark Red Gold Flames outline in Yellow & Orange Black / Plastic Orange-Tint Black Gold-Chrome PR5 DJD22 Thailand Base code(s): J19 Chrysler-pronto-16-hw-flames-5pk-600pxdm.jpg


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