The City 5-Pack (FTK67) was released in 2018.

Hot Wheels City


The following castings were in the City 5-Pack (FTK67):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Torque Twister red black, cream, white and blue stripes on sides. 'HW city rescue' on sides green / plastic blue white white OH5 indonesia Base code(s): L29 21ED5488-A263-4AFA-B0A5-03083ED35309
Prototype H-24 blue green, white and gray flames on sides, '4' on sides Light blue / plastic green white green TRAP5 indonesia base code(s): L29 938E6EFF-FCE6-4FA3-B077-7A3CFBF0DF1B
Bone Speeder gold black, yellow and blue on sides. 'bone crusher' on sides blue / plastic none blue w/ blue seat yellow PR5 indonesia Base code(s): L29 2239EDDC-E47D-4CDE-89B7-555FF87B5193
Twinduction yellow dark blue, gray and white stripes on sides. 'creature attack' on sides blue / plastic blue chrome chrome orange and black MC5 indonesia Base Code(s): L29 857B1904-93D4-4C0E-A1E6-936950E5F622
Ballistik green white, purple and black stripes on sides, '2' on sides dark green / plastic orange chrome chrome purple RA6 indonesia Base Code(s): L29 2AE6BA3A-709C-4227-B2DF-9CF2BFFD8552

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