The City 5-Pack (FYL25) was released in 2019. It contains the following vehicles:



The following castings were in the City 5-Pack (FYL25):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Double Demon Green None Satin Grey / Metal N/A Chrome Chrome Orange RA6 Indonesia Base code(s): M31 DoubleDemon-City-5pk-2019
Dragon Blaster Red Yellow flames w/ Black spots on top Black / Metal N/A Clear Yellow wings Grey 5SP Indonesia Base code(s): M31 DragonBlaster-City-5pk-2019
So Plowed Blue Yellow & Black stripes, 'City', '5' & claw mark tampos on sides Black / Plastic Chrome Grey Yellow OR6SP Indonesia Base code(s): M31 SoPlowed-City-5pk-2019
Dawgzilla Copper Black & Green stripes, White 'DinoHunter', '2' & HW logo on sides Black / Plastic Tinted Chrome Chrome Green BLOR Indonesia Base code(s): M31 Dawgzilla-City-5pk-2019
Roll Cage Metalflake Dark Blue Red & White stripes, 'Police' & '5' on sides Red / Plastic N/A Grey w/ Chrome engine Chrome Blue OR6SP Indonesia Base code(s): M31 RollCage-City-5pk-2019
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