Released in 1999, the City Center featured 5 cars.


1998 5pack city center1 Hwcitycntr5pk


The following cars were in the City Center 5-Pack:

Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
Ice Cream Truck White Green, Black, Orange "Espresso Stop" Orange / Plastic Clear Green 5SP Malaysia Icecream3
Dodge Caravan Metallic Orange Black, Yellow & White "METRO HOTEL" Black / Plastic Clear White 5SP 18173 Malaysia Dodge Caravan Org
Mercedes SLK Mttallic Dark Blue tiny White Hot Wheels logo on fender Unpainted Metal tinted White SB 22382 Malaysia Mercedes SLK Blu
Fire Eater Red "Metro 122" on front sides Chrome / Plastic Yellow tint Clear Yellow 5SP 21079 Malaysia Fire eater city center 5 pack 1999
Recycling Truck Green & White Green, Blue, Black, "recycle" Black Plastic Black Unseen 5DOT 2073 Malaysia Recycling Truck GrnWht
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