The City Police 5-Pack was released in 1999, featuring the following vehicles.

City Police


Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color + Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Surf Patrol Black Black, Red, White "POLICE", "BEACH" Unpainted / Metal Clear Black ORSB Thailand Path Beater BluL
Rescue Ranger White Red, Black, "BOMB SQUAD" "EMERGENCY DETONATION TEAM" Chrome / Plastic Blue tint Blue tint 5DOT Thailand Rescue Ranger WhtPD
Dodge Ram 1500 Black Two-tone Black and Gray with "Federal Drug Enforcement" tsmpos on sides Gray / Plastic Clear Gray 5SP Thailand HW Dodge Ram Truck (2)
Oldsmobile Aurora Black Gold and White "Highway Patrol" and "39" Black / Plastic Clear Tan 5DOT Malaysia Oldsmobile Aurora BlkPol5Ho
Police Cruiser White Red, Blue American Flag on sides, Black "POLICE" Black / Plastic Blue tint Black 3SP Thailand Police Cruiser WhtBlu3sp
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