1 Type 57C Bugatti Cabriolet and 1932JS Duesenberg

These two exquisite vehicles would draw center stage attention at any Concourse d'Elegance! Very few Duesenbergs and Bugattis were ever produced - fewer exist today - making them highly desirable, and commanding prices that begin in seven figures.

100% Hot Wheels presents our Classic Bodies vehicle set featuring models of one-of-a-kind roadsters with rich histories - but not rich price tags. The 1932/JS Duesenberg was custom-built on two continents for the Maharajah of Jahore, one of India's riches princes. The straight-8 320 bhp engine was capable of hitting 120 mph and featured a classic hood, streamline boat tail and rumble seat. It is truly a masterpiece fit for a Maharajah!

The French government presented the French-built Type 57C Bugatti Cabriolet to the Shah of Iran on the occasion of his marriage, in 1939. It is considered by many to be the most elegant of sophisticated body styles ever conceived.


The following vehicles were included in the Classic Bodies 2-Car Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
Type 57C Bugatti Cabriolet Black Type- 57C Bugatti CABRIOLET
'32 Duesenberg SJ Black & Orange 3 1932JS Duesenberg Classic Bodies
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