We all know that "Things go better with Coke!" And in this case it's two cool 100% Hot Wheels vehicles. The "king of colas" join together with the World's Coolest Car Company to deliver this awesome Coca-Cola 2-Car Set.

We took our classic '38 Ford Truck and a '57 Ranchero and decorated them with authentic Coca-Cola artwork from the era, creating images that will quench anyone's thirst for nostalgia.

Coke is the real thing and 100% Hot Wheels is the real deal when it comes to diecast cars. So cap off your collection with this set 'cause it really hits the spot.


The following vehicles were included in the Coca-Cola 2-Car Set (57379):

Casting Name Color Photo
'38 Ford C.O.E. Truck Red Image Not Available
'57 Ford Ranchero White & Red Image Not Available

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