2007 Code Cars mainline segment

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Col. #

Model Name


Series #


K7637 085 Dodge Charger Daytona Code Cars 1/24​ 2007-1970 Dodge Charger Daytona
K7637 085 Dodge Charger Daytona (2nd Color) Code Cars 1/24​ ToonedDaytona
K7636 086 Cadillac Cien Concept Code Cars 2/24​
K7638 087 Muscle Tone Code Cars 3/24​ 2007MuscleToneGold
K7638 087 Muscle Tone (2nd Color) Code Cars 3/24​ 2007-Muscle Tone
K7639 088 Audacious Code Cars 4/24​ 2007-Audacious (red)
K7639 088 Audacious (2nd Color) Code Cars 4/24​ AUDACIOUS BLACK 2007
K7640 089 Overbored 454 Code Cars 5/24​ Overbored454
K7640 089 Overbored 454 (2nd Color) Code Cars 5/24​ Overbored454code
K7641 090 Rocket Box Code Cars 6/24​ 2007-Blings Rocket Box
K7641 090 Rocket Box (2nd Color) Code Cars 6/24​ 100 3665
K7642 091 Monoposto Code Cars 7/24​ 2007-Monoposto
K7643 092 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Code Cars 8/24​
K7643 092 Aston Martin V8 Vantage (2nd Color) Code Cars 8/24​ 2008 050 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Silver2
K7644 093 I Candy Code Cars 9/24​ 093.07
K7640 094 Lotus Esprit Code Cars 10/24​ 2007-Lotus Esprit
K7640 094 Lotus Esprit (2nd Color) Code Cars 10/24​ Lotus Esprit V8 01
K7646 095 Toyota RSC Code Cars 11/24​ Toyotarsc
K7646 095 Toyota RSC (2nd Color) Code Cars 11/24​ Toyota Rsc
K7647 096 Xtreemster Code Cars 12/24​ Extreemster Code Car
K7648 097 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Code Cars 13/24​ Shelbycobra07
K7648 097 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (2nd Color) Code Cars 13/24​ Classic Cobra CIMG1904
K7649 098 Dodge Power Wagon Code Cars 14/24​ Dodgepowerwagon
K7649 098 Dodge Power Wagon (2nd Color) Code Cars 14/24​ Dodge Power Wagon Code
K7650 099 Whip Creamer II Code Cars 15/24​ Whip Creamer II
K7650 099 Whip Creamer II (2nd Color) Code Cars 15/24​ P5070069
K7651 100 Honda Civic Si Code Cars 16/24​ Hondacivic06
K7651 100 Honda Civic Si (2nd Color) Code Cars 16/24​ Civic AGENTAIR 2
K7652 101 AMG-Mercedes CLK DTM Code Cars 17/24​ Amgmercedesclkdtm
K7652 101 AMG-Mercedes CLK DTM (2nd Color) Code Cars 17/24​ AMG Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM (2007 Code Cars -17-24)
K7653 102 Suzuki GSX-R/4 Code Cars 18/24​ Suzukigsx
K7654 103 Dieselboy Code Cars 19/24​ DiselboyCopper
K7654 103 Dieselboy (2nd Color) Code Cars 19/24​ 2007 Dieselboy blue
L3010 104 '68 Cougar Code Cars 20/24​
L3010 104 '68 Cougar (2nd Color) Code Cars 20/24​
L3011 105 Motoblade Code Cars 21/24​ Motoblade code red
L3011 105 Motoblade (2nd Color) Code Cars 21/24​ Motoblade-2007 105
L3012 106 Custom Cougar Code Cars 22/24​ Customcougar07
L3013 107 So Fine Code Cars 23/24​ SoFine07RF
L3013 107 So Fine (2nd Color) Code Cars 23/24​ Sofine07
L3014 108 Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept Car Code Cars 24/24​ Mitsubishieclipseconcept

2012 HW Code Cars mainline segment

category:HW Code Series

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1 Custom '11 Camaro White Purple and Gold Gold Chrome / Plastic Purple tint Black Purple Chrome rim, Black PR5 V5530 Malaysia Base Code(s): D49, D50 2012-CustomCamaro-White
2 Sandblaster Orange Black, Silver and Green tampos, "2" Black Plastic Smoke tint Gray Green rim OR6SP V5531 Malaysia Base Code(s): E02 Sand Blaster.227 2012 HW Code Cars
3 C6 Corvette Metallic Silver Black & Red stripes, White "55" Black / Plastic Clear Red 10SP V5532 Malaysia Base Code(s): E08, E14 C6 corvette 2012 silver
4 Dodge Challenger Drift Car Orange Mopar Racing Graphics Black / Plastic Clear Gray PR5 V5533 Malaysia Base Code(s): D30, D34, D42 Dodge challenger drift car 2012 orange
4 Dodge Challenger Drift Car White Mopar Racing Graphics Black / Plastic Blue Dark Grey Blue Chrome PR5 V5577 Malaysia Base Code(s): D48, E08 Dodge challenger drift car 2012 white
5 Scion xB Transparent Purple Orange, Yellow, White & Lt. Purple Tampos Unpainted / Metal Tinted Yellow Chrome Orange-Chrome Rim, Black OH5 V5534 Malaysia Base Code(s): E10, E14, E17 Scion xB - 12 Code Cars
6 '07 Ford Shelby GT-500 Pearl Dk. Yellow Silver and Blue stripes, Black "28" outlined in Blue inside white circle Black / Plastic Blue tint Black PR5 (Blue chrome rimmed) Malaysia V5535 BaseCode(s):D41, D49, D50 2012-ShelbyGT500-Yellow
6 '07 Ford Shelby GT-500 Metalflake Purple Silver and Yellow stripes, Black "28" inside white circle Black / Plastic Clear Gray J5 (Yellow rimmed) Malaysia V5599 Base Code(s): E04, E11 2012-07FordShelbyGT500-Purple
7 Dirty Outlaw Aqua & Yellow Yellow, White & Black Aqua / Metal Chrome Gold 5SP V5536 Malaysia Base code(s): E20, E21 Dirty outlaw
8 '06 Dodge Viper SRT10 Metalflake Green Purple, Black & Yellow tampos, "79" w/ racing decos Black / Plastic Clear Gray Purple Chrome Rim, Black OH5 V5537 Malaysia Base Code(s): E32 IMG 6810
9 Snow Ride Metalflake Black Red & Sliver checkered pattern, flames, & '99' on side Chrome / Plastic Unpainted Tinted (Red) Single thin wheel V5538 Malaysia Base code(s): E24 IMG1976A
10 Canyon Carver Flat Light Blue Blue, White, Red & Black tampos Black Metal Smoke tint MC3 V5539 Malaysia Base Code(s): E21, E26 2012-235-CC10-CanyonCarver-FtLtBlue
11 Buzzerk Tinted Red & Turquoise Grey, Yellow & Black tampos across top Unpainted / Metal None Turquoise Yellow PR5 V5540 Malaysia Base code(s):  Buzzerk code cars
12 Formula Street Lime Green & Yellow Lime Green, Orange & Black design on top, Black "8" on front Metalflake Black / Metal Clear Red Pearl Yellow PR5 w/ Red Chrome V5541 Malaysia Base code(s): D30 Formula Street 10 pack
13 Tread Air Metalflake Dark Orange White, Blue, Black & Gold tampos on sides & across top of rear wing Silver / Plastic Black Chrome Red Micro5SP V5542 Malaysia Base code(s): E08 Tread Air - HW Code Cars 12 - V5542
14 Teegray Purple White and Silver Zig-Zag Metalflake Grey / Metal Tinted Tan 10SP V5543 Malaysia Base code(s): E32 E40 Teegray-2012 239 Code Cars
15 Fangula Metalflake Midnight Blue Orange, White & Gold tampos, silver spider web on sides. Unpainted / Metal Orange Tint Chrome J5 (Back), SK5 (Front) V5544 Malaysia Base code(s): E06, E13, E14, E23 Fangula .240 2012 HW Code Cars
16 Semi-Psycho Metalflake Red Yellow & Silver stripes across top, '54' on top Black / Plastic N/A Yellow Red PR5 V5545 Malaysia Base Code(s): E08 Semi-Psycho.241 2012 Code Cars
17 Yur So Fast Metallic Dk. Blue Aqua, Grey & White Aqua / Plastic Smoke tint Black J5 V5546 Malaysia Base Code(s): D38,D42 2012 HW Code Cars Yur So Fast
18 Invader Flat Olive Green White, Red, Black mouth w/teeth, Light Green camo, "Hot Wheels", "14CS133" Gray / Plastic Chrome Red 5SP V5547 Malaysia Casting Change to Barrel: No Missile

Base code(s): E11, E22

2012 Invader Code Cars
19 Go Kart Orange Black, Blue, Orange & White tampos ''01'' Orange / Metal Black Front Gold Micro 5SP, Rear Gold 5SP V5548 Malaysia Base Code(s): D52 6826577161 17157dc1be z (1)
20 Cool-One Metallic Olive Green, Yellow & Black flames, "00", Green & Yellow stripes Chrome / Plastic Yellow tint Green Yellow OH5 V5549 Malaysia Base code(s): D39,D40, D50 Cool-One - 12 Code Cars
20 Cool-One Metallic Olive Green, Yellow & Black flames, "00", Green & Yellow stripes Chrome / Plastic Yellow tint Green Yellow 5SP V5549 Malaysia Cool-One 12CodeCars
21 Twinduction Metalflake Gold Blue, Black & Orange tampos Black / Plastic Tinted Blue Chrome Chrome OH5 V5550 Malaysia Updated tooling
Base code(s): E16, E22
22 Asphalt Assault Metalflake Teal Red, Purple & Light Blue stripes Black / Plastic Red tint Chrome Y5 V5551 Malaysia Base code(s): E30, E32 AsphaltAssaultV5551
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