Color FX was a series of plastic bodied, Color Changing Hot Wheels which were released from 1993 to 1995.

1993 - 2-Car Sets

Number Casting Name Color Tampo Wheel Type Photo (Individual) Photo (Set)
11042 Hummer White / Dark Green Green Camouflage and Machine Gun CT Hummer CC SD536371
Big Bertha Yellow / Dark Green Image Not Available
11043 Command Tank Light Green / Dark Green Image Not Available SD536372
Roll Patrol Orange / Maroon None CT Trailbuster CC
11044 Camaro Racer White / Pink Hot Wheels Logo BW Camaro Wind AGENTAIR 5 SD536367
GT Racer Pink / Purple BW GT Racer MrnCC
11045 T-Bird Yellow / Orange


Image Not Available SD536366
Funny Car White / Purple


Image Not Available
11046 Baja Bug White / Orange BW Color FX Baja BugBaja Bug PnkColrChgr SD536374
Aeroflash Light Green / Green UH Image Not Available
11047 Vampyra Pink / Purple UH Color FX - WarmColor FX - Cold SD536373
Ferrari Testarossa Yellow / Red Stripe on top and '3' UH Ferrari Testarossa Pnk
11048 Tanker Light Green (White / Gray Tank) 'TOXIC WASTE' on Tank BW Color changing tank truck SD536368
Camaro White / Purple BW 80s Camaro CC
11049 Hiway Hauler Pink (Silver / Gray Rear) Green T-Rex smashing through prison bars BW Hiwayhauler colorracer SD536369
Lamborghini Countach Silver / Purple UH Color FX Countach

1994 - 'Monster Models' 2-Car Sets

Number Casting Name Color Tampo Wheel Type Photo (Individual) Photo (Set)
12110 Swarmula 1 Light Green / Dark Green Eyes & Mouth on Side BW Swarmula1reece Image Not Available
Double Demon Yellow / Red UH Double Demon CC
12111 Sting Rod White / Red Eyeball on side and Brain on Roof BW ColorfxStingrodCrop SD536361
Off Roadent White / Pink UH Ratmobile WhtPnk
12112 Octo Blimp Light Green / Purple Purple Octopus Tentacles on Side None OctoblimpCrop SD536363
Shark Teeth White / Dark Blue UH Sharkruiser CC
12113 Grim Creeper White / Red Teeth on Side BW Skullrider CC Image Not Available
Skin Shredder Yellow / Orange UH Turboa CC
12115 Killer Copter Yellow / Dark Green Black Stripes on Side None Image Not Available SD536362
Eevil Weevil Green / Brown UH Image Not Available
12116 Arachnarod Light Green / Green UH ArachnorodColorfxcrop SD536364
Cargoyle Orange / Purple UH Cargoyle CC

1995 - Super Stampers

Number Casting Name Color Tampo Wheel Type Photo
Aerostar Green / Purple BW Image Not Available
Fat Fendered '40 Gray / Black BW Image Not Available
Corvette Stingray Red / Black UH Image Not Available
'57 Chevy (Closed Hood) Orange / Red UH 0000a001aaaya4a89 026
Porsche 959 Pink / Purple UH Image Not Available
Ferrari 308 White / Red BW Image Not Available

Note: Two Color FX Playsets were also released in 1993 and 1994: Color FX Paintworks (11388) and Color FX Loop and Splash (11889)

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