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Connect Cars are a series of cars that come with interlocking display cases. Connect Cars 01.jpg

50 States

There are 50 cars representing 50 States numbered in the order they join the union. There is also an additional car to represent Washington DC. All cars were picked very carefully by Hot Wheels Designers to try to capture that particular state’s essence. In order to get the Exclusive Washington D.C. Car, you must purchase 20 Connect Cars at a retailer then send in by mail purchase. Valid through 01/14/2009 - 11/30/2009. Go to for the order form and full details.

Race Across The States!™ with Connect Cars™

Washington, DC 2007 Chevy® Tahoe™!

# in Series State Casting Color Tampo Chassis Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
1 Delaware Chevy Pro Stock Truck Metalflake Yellow 01 Delaware - Chevy Pro Stock.jpg
2 Pennsylvania '57 T-Bird Metallic Silver Red, Blue, Brown and Yellow "Pennsylvania", "2", "Virtue" tampos Chrome / Plastic Blue tint Blue tint 5SP N4169 Malaysia 57 T-Bird - Connect Cars.JPG
3 New Jersey '64 Corvette Sting Ray Metalflake Dark Green 03 New Jersey - '64 Corvette.jpg
4 Georgia Custom '56 Ford Truck Orange White, Black, Green, Yellow Graphics, "GEORGIA", "4", "The Peach State" Unpainted Metal Clear Black 5SP N4183-0911 Thailand 56 Ford Truck - Georgia.jpg
5 Connecticut Cunningham C4R White Blue, Black, Red. Connceticut on hood, 5 and CT on side Black / Plastic Blue Black 5SP Malaysia 05 Connecticut - Cunningham C4R.jpg
6 Massachusetts Track T White 06 Massachusetts - Track T.jpg
7 Maryland '68 Cougar Dark Red Metallic Black, Blue, Neon Yellow Tampos. "MARYLAND", "7" Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Black 5SP N4157 Malaysia Hood Opens Maryland 68 Cougar.jpg
8 South Carolina Hooligan Primer Gray Blue, Black and White "SO. CAROLINA MOONLIGHT DELIVERY", "SINCE 1789", "8" tampos Unpainted / Metal N/A Blue Red Chrome 5SP N4158 Malaysia State Cars - Hooligan - S Carolina.jpg
9 New Hampshire '64 Chevy Impala Metaflake Dark Gold 09 New Hampshire - '64 Impala.jpg
10 Virginia Cadillac Cien Matte Dark Blue Black and Yellow "NORFOLK PATROL", "10", Submarine, Yellow Stripe tampos, "VIRGINIA" in reverse Gray Chrome / Plastic Tinted Black Gray 3SP N4172 Malaysia Cadillaccien.jpg
11 New York Fat Fendered '40 Yellow Black and White "New York", "11", NYC Skyline, "Cooperstown" tampos, Checkerboard Stripes, White Flames Unpainted / Metal Tinted Black Chrome-rimmed, Black OH5 N4156 Malaysia 11 New York - Fat Fendered 40.jpg
12 North Carolina '70 Plymouth Superbird Metalflake Blue 12 North Carolina - '70 Superbird.jpg
13 Rhode Island '67 Pontiac GTO Convertible Metalflake Dark Blue White and Gold "RHODE ISLAND", "13", "GTO", "LITTLE RHODY" tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Black White 5SP '67 GTO Conv - Connect Cars.jpg
14 Vermont Whip Creamer II Metalflake Light Gold Dark Green, Light Green and White "Vermont" and "14" tampos Chrome / Plastic Green tint Chrome 5SP N4167 Malaysia 14 Vermont - Whip Creamer II.jpg
15 Kentucky C6 Corvette White 15 Kentucky - Corvette C6.jpg
16 Tennessee '57 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham Light Pink Pearl Dark Brown, Light Brown and Beige "Tennessee", "16", Guitar and "Birthplace Of Country Music" tampos Chrome / Plastic Clear White LW N4171 Malaysia 16 Tennessee - '59 Cadillac Eldorado.jpg
17 Ohio Jeepster Pearl White Blue & Red Graphics. "Ohio", "17", "the Buckeye State", "FBHoF", "Jeepster" Red / Metal Dark Blue tint Red Chrome 5SP N4191 Malaysia 17 Ohio - Jeepster.jpg
18 Louisiana Phantastique Metallic Purple Red, Yellow and Black "18", "Louisiana", Flaming Chili Pepper tampos Gold / Plastic Yellow tint Black Gold 5SP N4182 Malaysia 18 Louisiana - Phantastique.jpg
19 Indiana Old No. 3 Yellow Black and Red tampos, w/ "19" and "Indiana" in all capitals Black painted / Metal N/A Black Yellow 5SP N4173 Malaysia Indiana Connect Car - 7849cf.jpg
20 Mississippi '68 Chevy Nova Red 20 Mississippi - '68 Nova.jpg
21 Illinois '62 Chevy Orange 21 Illinois - '62 Chevy Bubbletop.jpg
22 Alabama '70 Plymouth Barracuda White/Red 22 Alabama - '70 Cuda.jpg
23 Maine Dodge M80 Blue 23 Maine - Dodge M80.jpg
24 Missouri '52 Chevy Truck Yellow 24 Missouri - '52 Chevy Truck.jpg
25 Arkansas '57 Chevy Black Red, White and Blue "Arkansas", "25", "The Natural State" Graphics, Arkansas State Flag Deco Chrome Clear Clear 5SP N4196 Malaysia 25 Arkansas - '57 Chevy.jpg
26 Michigan '65 Pontiac GTO White Black and Red "Michigan Muscle", "26", "Great Lake State" tampos Chrome / Plastic Tinted Black 5SP N4174 Malaysia State Cars - '65 GTO - Michigan.jpg
27 Florida '69 Camaro Metalflake Green Gold and White "Florida", "27", "Everglades Gator Country Swamp Tours" tampos Chrome / Plastic Clear White 5SP N4159 Malaysia State Cars - '69 Camaro - Florida.jpg
28 Texas '56 Flashsider Red/Blue 28 Texas - '56 Flashsider.jpg
29 Iowa '65 Corvette Red White, Black and Blue "Iowa", "29" and "Ethanol" tampos Chrome / Plastic Clear Black PR5 N4175 Malaysia 29 Iowa - '65 Corvette.jpg
30 Wisconsin Cool-One Metalflake Yellow Green and White "Wisconsin", "Famous Cheese" and "30" tampos Silver / Plastic Clear Pearl White PR5 30 Wisconsin - Cool-One.jpg
31 California '40's Woodie Metalflake Brown Brown Woodgrain with reverse "CA" and "31", Black roof Unpainted / Metal Clear Black 5SP N4164 Malaysia '40's Woodie Connect Car - 7451df.jpg
32 Minnesota Twin Mill Red White Stripe down middle, Silver Fish Hook, "MINNESOTA", "32", "LAND OF 10,000 LAKES" Unpainted / Metal Red tint White 5SP N4163 Malaysia Twin Mill - Connect Cars.JPG
33 Oregon '33 Ford Roadster Metalflake Olive White, Black and Red tampos, "33", "Oregon", "DOUGLAS FIR" a Red Rose Unpainted / Metal Clear Dark Red Gold 5SP N4165 Malaysia 33 Ford - Connect Cars.JPG
34 Kansas Dragtor Flat Brick Red 34 Kansas - Dragtor.jpg
35 West Virginia '58 Chevy Impala Metalflake Teal 35 West Virginia - '58 Impala.jpg
36 Nevada Shock Factor Metalflake Teal White, Red & Yellow Graphics. "Nevada", "36", "MINT RACING", "BATTLE BORN" Unpainted / Metal N/A Red OR5SP N4178 Malaysia Shock Factor - Connect Cars.JPG
37 Nebraska '65 Mustang Metalflake Brown 37 Nebraska - '65 Mustang.jpg
38 Colorado Roll Patrol Metalflake Gold Black, Gray and White Mountains, "38" and "Colorado" tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Black OR5SP N4162 Malaysia State Cars - Roll Patrol - Colorado.jpg
39 North Dakota '70 Chevelle SS Light Green 39 North Dakota - '70 Chevelle SS.jpg
40 South Dakota Plymouth Duster Thruster Primer Gray 40 South Dakota - Duster Thruster.jpg
41 Montana '66 Chevy Nova Metalflake Teal 41 Montana - '66 Chevy Nova.jpg
42 Washington Fast Fish Metalflake Light Blue 42 Washington - Fast Fish.jpg
43 Idaho '70 Ford Torino Metalflake Blue 43 Idaho - '70 Torino.jpg
44 Wyoming '68 Dodge Dart White 44 Wyoming - '68 Dodge Dart.jpg
45 Utah Double Vision Red Yellow and Orange "Utah" and "45" tampos Gray Plastic Clear N/A SK5 N4176 Malaysia Double Vision - Connect Cars.JPG
46 Oklahoma '58 Thunderbird White 46 Oklahoma - '58 T-Bird.jpg
47 New Mexico '69 Pontiac Firebird T/A Flat Beige 47 New Mexico - '69 Firebird.jpg
48 Arizona Hot Bird Metalflake Light Gold Orange, Yellow & Black graphics. "ARIZONA", "48", "GRAND CANYON STATE", Black hood with Cattle Skull. Clear Black 5SP Hot Bird - Arizona Connect Car.jpg
49 Alaska Hummer H2 Metalflake Dark Blue Light Blue and White "Alaska", "49" and Whale Tail Graphics. "NORTH TO THE FUTURE", Antlers on hood. Black / Plastic Light Blue tint Chrome OR5SP N4177 Malaysia Hummer H2 - Connect Cars.JPG
50 Hawaii Meyers Manx Metalflake Light Blue Brown and White Tiki Face, "Hawaii" and "50" tampos Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Black 5SP N4166 Malaysia State Cars - Meyers Manx - Hawaii.jpg
Bonus Car Washington D.C. '07 Chevy Tahoe 2009 connect cars WashDC 07 tahoe.jpg

Track Legends

There are 5 cars in 5 different teams/series totaling 25 cars. These cars are sold outside of the U.S. as a replacement for the 50 States cars.They are called "Racing Legends".

# in Series Team/Series Casting Color Tampo Chassis Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes / Variations Photo
1 Diesel Hollowback Red Silver, Black, White & Yellow "Diesel" Tampos #01 Unpainted ZAMAC Clear Black Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2093 Hollowback - Diesel.jpg
2 Cryptix Backdraft Blue Silver & Red "Cryptix" Tampos #6 Dark Charcoal Red Tint Chrome Black Rim, Red Lip OH5 Malaysia P2094 Backdraft - Cryptix.jpg
3 Sleek Flathead Fury Yellow Red, Black, White & Silver "Sleek" Tampos #11 Flat Black Light Blue Tint Chrome Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2095 Flathead Fury - Sleek.jpg
4 Daija Symbolic Green  Silver and Black Dragon Tampos Silver Tinted Silver Gold OH5 Malaysia P2116 Symbolic - Daija.jpg
5 Boltz Motoblade Clear / White White, Black & Orange "Boltz" Tampos #22 White No Windows ZAMAC Red OH5 Malaysia P2102 Motoblade - Boltz.jpg
6 Diesel Med-Evil Black / Red Black, White & Red "Diesel" Tampos #05 Unpainted ZAMAC No Windows Red Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2113 Connectmedevil.jpg
7 Cryptix Battle Spec Blue Black, Orange & Sky Blue "Cryptix" Tampos #7 Unpainted ZAMAC Orange Tint Orange Black Rim, Red Lip OH5 Malaysia P2099 Connectbattlespec.jpg
8 Sleek Monoposto Gold Black, Purple & Silver "Sleek" Tampos #14 Chrome Plastic Dark Purple Tint Black Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2110 Connectmonoposto.jpg
9 Daija Blastous Flat Black Green, White & Silver "Daija" Tampos #17 Unpainted ZAMAC Dark Green Tint ZAMAC Gold Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2101 Connectblastous.jpg
10 Boltz Vulture White Black, Orange & Gray "Boltz" Tampos Black Black Tint Silver Red Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2112 Connectvulture.jpg
11 Sleek Formul8r Yellow Black, Silver & White "Sleek" Tampos #12 Black Light Blue Tint Chrome Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2100 Connectformul8r.jpg
12 Diesel Brutalistic Dark Red Black, White & Gold "Diesel" Tampos #03 Unpainted ZAMAC Black Tint Chrome Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2103 Connectbrutalistic.jpg
13 Sleek RD-08 Gold Black and Orange stripes, 13 on side Unpainted ZAMAC Orange Tint Black  Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2105 TrackLegends RD08.jpg
14 Diesel Anthracite Dark Red Yellow, Orange & Black "Diesel" Tampos #2 Unpainted ZAMAC Orange Tint Chrome Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2098 Anthracite -2.jpg
15 Daija Nitrium Olive Green Black & White "Daija" Tampos #16 Chrome Clear Tint Chrome Gold Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2096 Connectnitrium.jpg
16 Boltz Rivited White Black, Orange & Silver "Boltz" Tampos #25 Unpainted ZAMAC Orange Tint Chrome Black Rim, Red Lip PR5 Malaysia P2117 Connectrivited.jpg
17 Cryptix Bedlam Blue Black, Red, Yellow & Mettalic Blue "Cryptix" Tampos #8 Unpainted


Amber Orange Tint Gold Chrome Black Rim, Red Lip OH5 Malaysia P2104 Connectbedlam.jpg
18 Daija Power Pipes Green

White Black & Golden "Daija" Tampos #18



Clear Chrome Gold OH5 Malaysia P2106 Pipes.jpg
19 Boltz Trak-Tune Chrome Red Black & white "Boltz" Tampos #23 Black ZAMAC Clear Grey & Black Red Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2107 Trak tune.jpg
20 Diesel Chicane Silver Red, Black & White "Diesel" Tampos #04 Unpainted ZAMAC Light Black Tint Chrome Red Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2108 IMG 0929.jpg
21 Cryptix CUL8R Mettalic Blue Orange, Purple & White "Cryptix" Tampos #9 Black Orange Tint Chrome Black Rim, Red Lip OH5 Malaysia P2109 CUL8R -9.jpg
22 Daija Power Pistons Translucent Green Gold, Silver & Black "Daija" Tampos #19 Unpainted ZAMAC Black Tint Grey Gold Chrome OH5 Malaysia P2111 Power Pistons.jpg
23 Boltz Pharodox Pharodox.jpg
24 Cryptix SpecTyte Mettalic Baby Blue Red, White & Mettalic Blue "Cryptix" Tampos #10 Unpainted ZAMAC Red Tint Chrome Black Rim, Red Lip OH5 Malaysia P2114 SpecTyte.jpg
25 Sleek RD-03 Yellow Black, White & Orange "Sleek" Tampos #15 Unpainted ZAMAC Light Blue Tint ZAMAC Chrome PR5 Malaysia P2115 RD-03 Connect Cars.jpg