The Corvette 5-Pack (J3299) was released in 2006.

HW 5pack Corvette


The following castings were in the Corvette 5-Pack (J3299):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
'80's Corvette Yellow Burgundy, Red & Gold Strip on side. "Corvette" on side Polished metal Clear Gold PR5 China 80corvette.yellow1
Corvette SR-2 Light Green Black, white, and gold tampos with "CORVETTE" on sides Chrome Gold 5SP J3299 China Corvette SR-2 CIMG1913
Corvette Stingray Metalflake Red White Stripe across top. Hot Wheels Logo & "Corvette" Unpainted / Metal Tinted Black Chrome 5SP J3299 China Corvette Stingray - 06 Corvette 5-pack
'63 Corvette Blue Lighter Blue Chrome / Plastic Clear White LW J3299 China Th 63vettes017
'97 Corvette Grey Black, Gold Chrome / Plastic Yellow Black Gold PR5 China 97corvette.grey

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