Mattel launched this series of 8 cars in 2013, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the legendary American brand Corvette.

Hot Wheels® celebrates 60 years of high performance, sports car perfection, with eight 1:64th scale die-cast Corvettes. From 1950's classics to contemporary speedsters—pick your favorite, or better yet, collect them all!


Series # Toy # Casting name Body color Tampos Window color Interior color Base color Notes Photo 1 (loose) Photo 2 (carded)
1 / 8 BBC97 1958 Corvette Dark blue White highlights Smoke tint Chrome Dark blue / Plastic Base code(s): F06 '58 corvette coupe 60th series 2013 Image Not Available
2 / 8 BBC98 '12 Corvette Z06 Black Gray highlights Smoke tint Gray Black / Plastic Base code(s): F05, F06 12Z06-03 Image Not Available
3 / 8 BBC99 '11 Corvette Grand Sport Pearl yellow Gray highlights Black tint Black Black / Plastic Base code(s): F05, F06 CORVETTE GRAND SPORT 2011 Image Not Available
4 / 8 BBD00 1955 Corvette Red Silver highlights, "Chevrolet" on side Clear Maroon ZAMAC Base code(s): F06 '55Corvette60th HW 55Vette
5 / 8 BBD01 Corvette Stingray Metalflake lime green Black and white stripes, "corvette" on hood Smoke tint Black ZAMAC Base code(s): F06 CorvetteStingray2013 Corvettestingray60
6 / 8 BBD02 Corvette C6 Convertible Yellow Brown stripe down hood Clear Pearl white Black / Plastic Base code(s): F06 CorvetteC6Convertible2013 Corvette60C6convertible
7 / 8 BBD03 1963 Corvette Metalflake lime green White, dark green and silver stripes Black tint None Green / Plastic Base code(s): F06 2013'63Corvette 1963corvette60
8 / 8 BBD04 C6 Corvette Red Various highlights, "55" on roof and doors Smoke tint Goldenrod Black / Plastic Base code(s): F06 2013C6Corvette C6corvette60
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