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Debut Series AcceleRacers: Silencerz
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Jun Imai
Number G8120
Covelight Jun Imai.jpg


Part of the Silencerz team in the AcceleRacers series, and is seen in the movies. It first appeared during the Metro Realm in Speed of Silence disguised as a realm car and then an RD-02 . The second appearance was in the Ice Realm where it was disguised as an RD-02 again and then Chicane. In Breaking Point, it appears in the Neon Pipeline Realm, and then in the Junk Realm, disguised as Battle Spec, which Taro slams off the road, allowing Kurt to complete the realm. It later appears in the Cosmic Realm and eventually in the AcceleDrome during The Ultimate Race.

It appears in Hot Wheels: Beat That! as a playable vehicle based on the 2006 AcceleRacers Series.

The car is powered by a 6 Liter V12 with twin sequential superchargers in AcceleRacers, producing 600 horsepower. The car's frame is made of lost wax cast aluminum that is bonded to carbon fiber body panels. Covelight has 22" front wheels and 24" back wheels.


Covelight has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2005 AcceleRacers: Silencerz
Silver Circuit-like tampos Black
Tinted (Purple) Chrome Purple Tire CM6 G8120 Malaysia AcceleracersCovelightmc.jpg
2006 AcceleRacers: Acceleron Light Purple Orange, Black & Silver tampos Black
Tinted (Orange) Chrome Transparent Rim CM6 K3288 Malaysia Playable in Hot Wheels: Beat That! Covelight-purple-cm6.jpg
2006 2x Turbo Power Launcher Blue Superman Logo ZAMAC Tinted (Red) Chrome Gold OH5 Malaysia Very Rare Covelight-super-oh5.jpg
2006 Ultimate Track 3-Pack Gray White & Yellow tampos ZAMAC Tinted (Yellow) Chrome Yellow RimCM6 J3558 Malaysia Covelight-gray-cm6y.jpg
063/196 2008 All Stars
Pearl White Gray tampos ZAMAC Clear Chrome Black & Gray OH5 M6929 Malaysia Covelight-pearl-oh5.jpg
063/196 2008 All Stars
Metalflake Dark Gray Black tampos ZAMAC Tinted Chrome OH5 M6929 Malaysia Base code(s): Covelight-Black.jpg
064/190 2009 Track Stars
Gold Chrome Gold Stripe, Black Circle, "09" in White Black
Clear Purple White Ring Black OH5 P2384 Malaysia Base code(s): B11, B12, B30 Covelight 09Track.JPG
2012 Mega Loop Mayhem 5-Pack Blue White, Black, Orange, & Yellow Tampos, "01", "Stunt Team", checkers, & race deco on sides ZAMAC Tinted (Yellow) Chrome Yellow PR5 W4249 Thailand Base code(s): Covelight 2013 24.jpg
2012 Light Speeders Yellow Blue Light Speeders logo ZAMAC Tinted (Blue) Chrome Blue Chrome rim, Black OH5 W3850 Thailand Base code(s): W3850.jpg
187/250 2014 HW Race: Night Storm Purple Pink & White stripes on sides ZAMAC Tinted (Pink) Chrome Pink Rimmed Glow-in-the-Dark OH5 BFD54 Malaysia Base code: F32, Covelight-2014 187.jpg
2015 Ultimate Spider-Man
Black Venom Tampos ZAMAC Tinted (Red) Chrome White rim, Black OH5 CMJ81 Malaysia Base code(s): Covelight-j.jpg
2015 Multipack Exclusive Red Light Blue, Black, Black, & Gray Tampos, "01", "Stunt Team", checkers, & race deco on sides ZAMAC Tinted (Light Blue) Chrome Light Blue rim OH5 X6999 Malaysia Base code(s): 2015 COVELIGHT.jpg
2016 Batman v Superman
Dark Blue 'Faster than a Bullet' on sides, Batman v Superman logo on sides & top ZAMAC Tinted (Red) Chrome Chrome Red & Black OH5SP DJL53 Malaysia Base code(s): Covelight package front.png
2016 Magazine Exclusive purple pink and white stripes on side, HW-Logo ZAMAC Tinted (Pink) Chrome Pink Rimmed Glow OH5 CLY22 Malaysia Similiar to the 2014 Version; comparision below
Base code(s): H44,
Cl magazine.jpg
2018 Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary
Dark Red Black, White, and Yellow Stripes with ' Mickey Mouse' and Character on sides, Black and Yellow 'Mickey Mouse' on Roof. Black
Tinted (Yellow) Chrome Gold OH5 GDG86 Thailand Base code(s): 2018Micky Mouse 90th Covellight.jpg
2019 Happy Halloween!
Clear White tampo art on sides and roof. Halloween Series logo (pumpkin head). "Happy Halloween" on hood ZAMAC Clear Chrome Clear Tire, Chrome 5SP GBC57 Thailand Base codes: M10, M11, M17 Covelight-Halloween 2019.1.jpg
2020 Color Shifters Purple (Cold) & Red (Warm) Purple Stripes, HW logo, Red Stripes, Yellow Stripe. Black
Tinted (Light Blue) Blue Yellow RA6 GKC19 Thailand Base codes: M48 2020colorshifterscovelightcold.jpg
2022 Color Reveal Dark Green (Cold) & Aqua (Warm) Blue Flames, HW logo ZAMAC Tinted (Yellow) Yellow Blue PR5 G8120 Thailand Base codes: P46

Comes coated in yellow paint


2008 card

From the back of the 2008 card:

Born: 2005
Birthplace: El Segundo, California, USA
Designer: Hot Wheels®
Specialty: Belonging to the Silencerz® team of AcceleRacers® cars, this stealthy racer was built to sneak up on its enemies and evade capture.