2004 Crank Itz mainline segment

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1 Custom '59 Cadillac Metallic Plum "Classic Guitar Wars" Tampos in White, Gray, Black and Orange Gold Chrome / Plastic Orange Tinted White Gold Chrome Y5 B3864 Thailand 59 cus caddy AGENTAIR 7
2 Steel Flame Copper 2004 Southern Tour Country bSpectacular Live Black / Plastic Clear Tan SB B3865 Malaysia Steelflame.brown
3 'Tooned Cadillac Escalade Black Blue, white and orange tampos and HW logo Chrome Plastic Blue Tint PR5 B3866 Thailand Cadaillac
4 '40's Woodie Blue & Cream "Surf Beat" on roof Unpainted Metal Clear Cream SB B3867 Thailand
5 Swoop Coupe Red Silver / Plastic Tinted Black 5DOT B3868 Malaysia Swoop Coupe CIMG1049
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