The Criss Cross Crash 5-Pack was released in 1999, featuring the following vehicles.

Criss Cross Crash

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color + Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Chevy 1500 Orange Black and White Oval Tampos Unpainted / Metal Grey tint Black 5DOT HW Chevy 1500
Chevy Stocker Purple Orange, White, Black stripes with "4777" on sides Unpainted / Metal Black Unseen SB Malaysia HW Chevy Stocker
Aeroflash Green Black, Red & White markings "3" Black / Metal Clear Black 3SP Malaysia Aeroflash Grn
Porsche 959 Grey Red, Black, White "959" "Twin Turbo" unpainted metal Blue tint Black 5DOT Malaysia Porsche 959 Slv
Ford GT-90 Yellow White, Yellow, Red, Black "15" unpainted metal Clear Black 3SP Malaysia Ford GT-90 Yelt
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