Custom Datsun 240Z
Debut Series Factory Fresh
Produced 2017 - Present
Designer Jun Imai
Number DTW89
Custom Datsun 240Z 2017


The Custom Datsun 240Z is an customized version of the Datsun 240Z with Rocket Bunny-branded widebody kits applied and engine and structural work by GReddy.

Known as the Fugu Z, its real-life version is owned by Sung Kang, the actor who portrayed Han in the Fast and Furious series, and serious auto enthusiast. In Fall 2015, the Fugu Z made its debut at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas where it won the coveted 2015 Gran Turismo Best in Show Award.

This casting is the latest version of the Datsun 240Z as of 2017, Hot wheels having produced the US-Spec model first in 1978 as the Z Whiz, and another casting the Datsun 240Z in 2006. In 2016 the Nissan Fairlady Z was launched by Hot wheels, portraying a JDM version.


The Custom Datsun 240Z has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
076/365 2017 Factory Fresh
White Detailed head- & taillights, 'FuguZ' & 'GReddy' on back White Plastic Clear Black Chrome & Black MC5 DTW89 Malaysia New Model
Base code(s): J42, J44, J45, J47
Custom Datsun 240Z-2017 076
174/365 2017 Factory Fresh
Orange Detailed head- & taillights, 'FuguZ' & 'GReddy' on back Orange Plastic Clear Black Chrome & Black MC5 DVB43 Malaysia New Model
Base code(s): K02, K06
Custom Datsun 240Z DVB43
2017 Car Culture: Cars & Donuts
White Detailed taillights, 'FuguZ' & 'GReddy' on back White Metal Tint Black C4SPRR DWH88 Base code(s): K39 Custom Datsun 240Z-HW 2017 Car Culture (Cars & Donuts)--2
015/365 2018 Nightburnerz
Dark Blue Neon green Pinstriping & "Neo-Kaido", 'Kaidohouse' on sides, "Hotwheels" "Borja" "GREDDY" on hood Black Plastic Clear Gray DD8 FJX64 Malaysia Base code(s): K30, K32 FJX64-01
140/365 2018 Nightburnerz
MetalFlake Red Gold Pinstriping & "Neo-Kaido", 'Kaidohouse' on sides, "Hotwheels" "Borla" "GREDDY" on hood Black Plastic Clear Black DD8 FJY95 Malaysia Base code(s): K49, L01, L03 Custom Datsun 240Z - Red
2018 Nightburnerz
Unpainted Neon green Pinstriping & "Neo-Kaido", 'Kaidohouse' on sides, "Hotwheels" "Borla" "GREDDY" on hood Black / Plastic Tinted (smoke) Black DD8 FKB89 Malaysia Walmart Zamac
Base Code(s): L19
2019 Throwback
Aqua Orange & Yellow Stripes, and number '72', on sides and hood Aqua / Plastic Clear Black BW GBB86 Malaysia Base Code(s): L47, L50 Custom 240z Aqua 19

2017 card

From the back of the 2017 card:

Born: 1973
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Designer: Nissan
Specialty: A naturally aspirated inline 6 motor with ITBs, wide body kit, deep bucket seats and a full roll cage make this custom Datsun 240Z the ultimate canyon carver! Check out the fender-mounted rear-view mirrors and watch the competition fade into the distance as you step on the gas.


  • The 2018 release was modeled after Jun Imai's Neo Kaido 240Z and it was installed with Borla Exhausts, hence the decal on the hood.


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