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Customized C3500
Debut Series 1998 First Editions
Produced 1998 - Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number 18848
Customized C3500 Grn.JPG


The Customized C3500 has come out in the following 1/64 versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
663 1998 1998 First Editions
Metallic Aqua Blue, Purple and white thin swipe extending to taillights. Hot Wheels logo before rear fender flare Gray / Plastic Smoked tint Gray 5DOT 18848 Malaysia Rarer tampo variation Customized c500 thin tampo.jpg
663 1998 1998 First Editions
Metallic Aqua Blue & White thick swipe ending on fender flare Grey / Plastic Black tint Grey 5DOT 18848 Malaysia Customized C3500 Grn.JPG
663 1998 1998 First Editions
Metallic Aqua No tampos Grey / Plastic Black tint Grey 5DOT 18848 Malaysia
1999 House Calls 5-Pack Pearl Magenta Yellow, Black & White "JERRY'S ELECTRIC" Black / Plastic Blue tint Black 5SP 21080 Thailand Customized C3500 pickup magenta 1999.JPG
1027 1999 Mainline Pearl Magenta Yellow, Black & White "JERRY'S ELECTRIC" Black / Plastic Blue tint Black 5SP 18848 Malaysia Customized C3500 Pnk.JPG
209 2000 Mainline Yellow Orange/Purple/black/White "THORN BROS." Black / Plastic Clear Black SB 25380 China Customized C3500 Yel.JPG
2000 Editor's Choice
White Orange, Black and silver Black / Plastic Clear Black PC5 28019 China Target Exclusive Customized C3500 ECL.JPG
2000 JC Whitney Promo White Red, Blue, Silver strip on side. JC Whitney Chrome / plastic Smoked White DDRR 28365 China Customizedc3500.jpg
2000 JC Whitney Promo Blue Red, Blue, Gray strip on side. JC Whitney Chrome / Plastic Smoked White DDRR 28396 China Image Not Available.jpg
2002 Asphalt Assault 5-Pack Blue HWTrans "9" Black / Plastic Yellow Black SB 54459 Thailand Customized C3500 Asphalt Assault 5-Pack 2002.JPG
182 2003 Pride Rides
Green Green & Yellow Black / Plastic Smoked Chrome PR5 57174 Malaysia CustomizedC3500182.jpg
2003 T-Wrecks 5-Pack Candy Red Red/Yellow/Black Black / Plastic Tinted Black 5SP 57012 China Customized C3500 pickup T-Wrecks 5-pack 2003.JPG
2004 Auto Affinity: Haul 'N' Asphalt
Black White 2 Tone with Orange Stripes/Flames Black / Plastic Tinted Orange RR5SP C2645 China 2004CustomizedC3500AutoAffinty.jpg
2005 Easter Eggs-Treme 5-Pack Green Yellow, White, Gray, Orange and Black design with “Hot Wheels” on sides Black / Plastic Black Black 5SP H7001 China Image Not Available.jpg
2007 Canadian Tire Promo Metallic White Red and Black stripes, Canadian Tire Logo on doors Chrome / Plastic Clear Black 5SP L4689 China Only sold in Canada Customc3500 canadiantire.JPG
2007 Hot Wheels 5 5-Pack Metalflake Green Green & yellow flames on sides, HW logo on bedcover Black / Plastic Tinted Chrome PR5 L6997 China Ghjk (7).jpg
2008 Customizers Corner Shop 5-Pack Metalflake Purple red tribal, silver/black/red "Hot Wheels Customs" Logo on sides Black / Plastic Smoked Black Chrome Rim OH5 L9966 Thailand 2008-5P-Customizers Corner Shop-Customized C3500.jpg
092/244 2011 Heat Fleet
Metallic Purple Lime Green Flames outlined in Orange Black / Plastic Tinted Pearl Gray Green Chrome OH5 T9799 Malaysia CustomC3500 Heat Purple.JPG
092/244 2011 Heat Fleet
Metallic Green Orange & Yellow Flames outlined in Black Dark Grey / Plastic Tinted Pearl Gray OH5 T9959 Malaysia Date Code(s): D10, D11 CustomC3500 Heat Green.JPG
2012 Cars of the Decades
Purple White, Green, Purple, & Pink tampos on sides & bedcover Chrome / Plastic Clear Grey PR5 W3999 Malaysia Walmart Exclusive Image Not Available.jpg
2012 Nostalgia: Nose Art Black & Gray Pirate Skull on roof, sea stripes on sides. ´Bonny Lass' on back. Unpainted / Metal Light Blue Pearl Gray RRSteelie W6639 Malaysia 20180214 103412.jpg
2013 Jukebox
Matte Khaki Black, Brown, and Ivory stripes on hood, deck lid and sides, “Grunge” on sides, Singer on bed cover Black / Plastic Tinted Black Chrome & Black PR5 Y2081 Malaysia Walmart Exclusive
Base code(s):
Image Not Available.jpg
2014 Pop Culture: Looney Tunes Pearl Dark Yellow & Metal flake Lt. Gold Speedy Gonzales deco on sides, 'Looney Tunes' on rear, White stripes on hood Unpainted / Metal Dark Tint Black RRMag BDT06 Malaysia Date Code (s); F45, F48 HW-2014-Looney Tunes-Customized C3500-Speedy Gonzales..jpg
2019 Speed Blur 5-Pack Turquoise 'Hot Wheels' in white on sides Black / Plastic Tinted (Dark smoke) Black Black (Chrome Orange Rim) MC5 FYL13 Indonesia Date Code(s): L35, L41, L45, M14 Customized C3500. Speed Blur 5-Pack. Front (4).JPG