Cyborg Attack
Produced 2004


The Cyborg Attack track set was a set released in 2004.


This track's main features are the Cyborg and the tower. When you insert a car in the booster you have an option the go up the tower or to do the loop and come back around. If you choose to go up the tower you must hold down a red lever to open up the new passage. When your car goes up the tower it tower would sway towards the Cyborg's head and it would eat your car. To free your car you would have to launch more cars up the tower into the Cyborg's mouth until the diverter in the Cyborg's mouth changes and a new passage will open. The next time you launch a car into the Cyborg's mouth the Cyborg's head would split open and all the cars would be free and they would go back into the booster and would continue the track.


The booster that is included in this set can only connect to the tower the way your car shoots out of but any piece of track can connect to it from the other side. You could use the booster included in other track layouts but you have to use the tower as well.


Overboard 454

The booster needs 4 D batteries to to work.


The cars that come in this set might vary, but most come with Overbored 454 and Side Draft (two cars from Highway 35 video game) in a custom Cyborg paint job.


Side Draft


There was also a Cyborg Attack 5-pack but Mattel released it with the name Cyborg Assault five pack. The five pack included these cars: Overbored 454, Side Draft, Corvette Stingray, 2002 Autonomy Concept, and Saltflat Racer. All of the cars included in the five pack had an exclusive paint job. The five pack also came out in 2004.


Note: This track set goes by 2 names: Cyborg Attack and Cyborg Assault
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