The Double 7-Spoke Real Rider wheel (D7RR or D7SPRR) is a type of Hot Wheels Wheel Types first used on the 2016 BMW Z4 M Motorsport Super Treasure Hunt. The rim consist of 14 spokes with the space between them closed. The tire is made of rubber.

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
HW Volkswagen-SP2 Yellow RR 2017 DSCF9551.jpg D7RR Double 7-Spoke Real Rider 2016 - present Used on the 2016 BMW Z4 M Motorsport Super Treasure Hunt.
Image Not Available.jpg GYECBD7RR Goodyear Eagle Chrome & Black D7RR 2016 - present Used on the 2016 Ford GT from the Hot Wheels Entertainment - Gran Turismo series.
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