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DDRR or Deep Dish Real Riders is a line of Hot Wheels Wheel Types. The tires are made of rubber and have treads.

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
CDDRR1.JPG DDRR Deep Dish Real Riders
CDDRR2.jpg GYCDDRR Goodyear Chrome DDRR Has "Goodyear" printed on the tires and Chrome rim
White Wall DDRR.png WWDDRR White Wall DDRR 2009 - present Used on the 2009 Super Treasure Hunt version of the Custom '53 Chevy.
White Wall Chrome Blue DDRR.png WWCBDDRR White Wall Chrome Blue DDRR 2010 - present Used on the 2010 Super Treasure Hunt version of the Classic Packard.
White Line Black DDRR.png WLBDDR White Line Black DDRR 2011 - present Used on the 2011 Super Treasure Hunt version of the Tucker Torpedo.
DDRR.png CDDRR Deep Dish Real Riders (at least) 2013-present Used on '58 Impala from the 2013 Retro Entertainment Series (American Graffiti).
Wheels AGENTAIR 91.jpg WWRDDRR White Wall Red DDRR 2015 - present Used on Back to the Future - 1955 from the 2015 Hot Wheels Entertainment Series (Back to the Future Part III).
White Line DDRR.png WLCDDRR White Line Chrome DDRR 2015 - present Used on '56 Chevy from the 2015 Hot Wheels Entertainment Series (The Brady Bunch).
Image Not Available.jpg SgtPCDDRR Sgt Peppers Chrome DDRR 2017 Has 'Sgt Peppers' written on the tire.

Used on '67 Austin Mini Van from the 2017 Pop Culture - The Beatles series.

Wheels AGENTAIR 95.jpg
Wheels AGENTAIR 50.jpg
Wheels AGENTAIR 18.jpg
Wheels AGENTAIR 74.jpg GDDRR Gold Deep Dish Real Riders Used on some Treasure Hunts, most noteably some of the 2000 Treasure Hunts Series models like the Go Kart, Pikes Peak Toyota Celica, and the 1967 Pontiac GTO.
Wheels AGENTAIR 81.jpg THDDRR Treasure Hunt DDRR Used on some Treasure Hunts