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Produced 2011-2014

Description Edit

Derailed is a casting manufactured under the design of the Monster Jam Design a Truck winner, and is based on a steam locomotive. This truck has a chrome "boiler" and "smokestack" (which is hollow), a red main body, and yellow detail dome. Inside the engine's cab, there are safety bars along with the driver's seat and other details including a firebox, windows, pipes, etc. Underneath the main body there are some other chrome details that are are there for looks and looks alone. The 'suspension' is also very detailed as is with most Monster Jam trucks. This truck also comes with a variety of temporary tatoos, including one of Derailed itself.

Derailed is custom train-themed Monster Jam Hot Wheels toy released in 2011, 2012, and 2014. Derailed is different from most other Hot Wheels Monster Trucks because it was the winner of a 'design the truck' contest in 2010. Derailed has never became a real-life monster truck. It is the only Hot Wheels monster truck to have a train mold. The truck is designed by Michael Arndt during the contest. A new version of the derailed was released under the name Loco Punk under the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks line in 2018


Derailed has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Year # Subset Photo
2011 80/80 Design a Truck Winner!
2012 Hot Wheels Originals
2014 #17 Standard
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