2000 Designer Dreamz 2-Car Set

In 1998, as part of the celebration for the 30th Anniversary of Hot Wheels, designers Larry Wood and Phil Riehlman created two 1:24 scale dream cars to be sold at auction during the official Collector's Convention in Anaheim, California. Those two one-of-a-kind cars caused such excitement they sold for nearly $18,000. Now Hot Wheels Collectibles has reproduced those cars in 1:64 scale and offers them in the Designer Dreamz car set.


The following vehicles were included in the 2000 Designer Dreamz 2-Car Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
Rocket Oil White & Purple BizOil.JPG
Bizarro Red BizarroRed.JPG

2001 Designer Dreamz 2 4-Car Set

Hot Wheels designers are respected and admired as some of the most imaginative and creative talents in automotive design. Many of them build and customize their own full-size vehicles. They are skilled at adding the perfect custom touch, enhancing an existing design, or producing awesome originals that make the most discriminating collectors envious. The 100% Hot Wheels Designer Dreamz 2 set features four vehicles of exquisite styling. They are the Streetliner, Big Mutha, '34 Ford Coupe and '38 Ford truck and each vehicle displays touches of brilliance from the most talented hands in the business.

Streetliner 5.jpg

The following vehicles were included in the 2001 Designer Dreamz 2 4-Car Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
Streetliner White Streetliner 10.jpg
'38 Ford C.O.E. Truck White Streetliner 10.jpg
Big Mutha Black Z1.JPG
'34 Ford Coupe Black 34FordCoupeDD4Set.JPG

2003 Designer Dreamz III

This 100% Hot Wheels Designer Dreamz III vehicle set displays touches of design brilliance at work on a very cool '38 Ford custom truck with trailer. If this Ford were in a car show you'd be guessing for it to be a winner... 'cause it really is!

The following vehicle was included in the 2003 Designer Dreamz III Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
'38 Ford C.O.E. Truck Mint Green Image Not Available.jpg
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