Despicable Me series

Despicable Me is an American computer-animated trilogy. Its main villain was supposed to be Gru, but in the first movie the so-called minions stole the show. This 6-car series is dedicated to their cuteness.

The Despicable Me series features 6 different models that were launched in the second quarter of 2017. You can find them exclusively at Wal-Mart.

Col # Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
1/6 DWF16 Fish'd & Chip'd Purple Gold 10SP Base code(s): K19 DWF16 Fish'd & Chip'd front.jpg DFW16 Fish'd & Chip'd package front.jpg
2/6 DWF15 Deora II Light Green 5SP Base code(s): K18 DWF15 Deora II front.jpg DWF15 Deora II package front.jpg
3/6 DWF17 Jester Light Purple Chrome & Light Green 5SP Base code(s): K19 DWF17 Jester front.jpg DWF17 Jester package front.jpg
4/6 DWF13 Slikt Back Metalflake Dark Red OH5SP Base code(s): K19 DWF13 Slikt Back front.jpg DWF13 Slikt Back package front.jpg
5/6 DWF18 Synkro Dark Blue Yellow 10SP Base code(s): K19 DWF18 Synkro front.jpg DWF18 Synkro package front.jpg
6/6 DWF14 Monster Dairy Delivery Orange OR6SP Base code(s): K18 DWF14 Monster Dairy Delivery front.jpg DWF14 Monster Dairy Delivery package front.jpg

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