In 2018, Hot Wheels released a series of 6 vehicles commemorating the American Muscle Cars built by Detroit's 'Big Three'.


The following vehicles were used in the Detroit Muscle Series:

Col # Toy # Casting Name Color Tampos Wheel Type Notes Photo - Car Photo - Card
1/6 FYY08 '67 Camaro Green Light Green Stripes Black (Chrome Rim) PR5 Base code(s): L32, L37 67 Camaro Green 18.jpg Detroitmusclecamaro.jpg
2/6 FYY09 '68 Nova Blue White Stripes MC5 Base code(s): L32, L34 IMG 6470.jpg Detroitmusclenova.jpg
3/6 FYY10 '69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Yellow Black Stripes Black (Chrome Orange Rim) ST8 Base code(s): L32, L34, L36, L38 FYY10.jpg Mustang Boss 302 yellow 3of6.jpg
4/6 FYY11 '69 Pontiac GTO Red Black Stripes Black (Yellow Rim) ST8 Base code(s): L32 69 Pontiac Gto Red 18.jpg Detroitmusclegto.jpg
5/6 FYY13 '70 Dodge Hemi Challenger Black Red Stripes PR5 Base code(s): L32, L34, L37 DetroitMuscleChallenger.jpg Detroitmusclechallenger.jpg
6/6 FYY14 '70 Ford Torino Silver Black Stripes Black (Chrome Rim) OH5 Base code(s): L32, L34, L36, L38 '70 Ford Torino (2018 Detroit Muscle) (1).jpg Detroitmuscletorino.jpg


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