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Dodge Intrepid Stocker (100%)
Debut Series 2001 Racing Selects
Produced 2001
Designer Unknown
Number 29624
Doge intrepid 100.JPG


During the period Hot Wheels was releasing 100% Hot Wheels, the Pro Racing series was going as NASCAR was high in popularity. So Hot Wheels created a line of 1/64 NASCAR Stockers that, just like the 100% Hot Wheels, with highly detailed, intricate pieces, and hoods that opened up to view the engine.

In this case they took the '01 Dodge Intrepid Stock Car and gave it the 100% Hot Wheels treatment. Only available in the 2001 Hot Wheels Racing Selects line.

The '01 Dodge Intrepid Stock Car casting was used in the Showcase series, a series that usually has 100% Hot Wheels castings


The Dodge Intrepid Stocker (100%) has come out in the following versions:

Year Series # Team Tampo Toy # Photo
2001 2001 Racing Selects 22 Caterpillar Black & Yellow 29624 Dodge intrepid 100 22.JPG
2001 2001 Racing Selects 40 Sterling Marlin Grey 29850 Image Not Available.jpg
2001 2001 Racing Selects 43 Cheerios Blue & Yellow 29847 Dodge intrepid 100 43.JPG
2001 2001 Racing Selects 44 Hot Wheels Blue & Red 50859 Dodge 44 selects.jpg
2001 2001 Racing Selects 45 Sprint PCS Red & Black 29848 Jérôme 45 racing sleects.jpg


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