Doom's Day
Debut Series 2015 Monster Jam Series
Produced 2015-2018
Designer Bryan Benedict
2015 164 doomsday


Doom's Day was a monster truck owned by FELD motorsports. The truck was first revealed in Houston, TX on January 4th, 2014 as an encore. In 2014, Doom's Day would appear as an encore at a random stadium show each weekend with a mysterious driver and sirens playing. At Monster Jam World Finals 15, one of the encores featured multiple Doom's Days, all performing back flips. In 2015, Doom's Day started competing on the Monster Jam circuit. The truck's body resembles that of New Earth Authority Police. Landon Wells, a helper of Metal Mulisha, was believed in 2014 to be the mysterious driver, however, this was proven false. This however, did not stop the Monster Jam drivers from referencing and nodding to this idea, and it is now a running gag among the drivers. In 2016, Colt Stephens drove Doom's Day for the 2016 season: this happened to be Doom's Day's final season, it was retired on December 4th 2016 after it's final show in St. Louis Missouri.


Doomsday has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Year # Subset Photo
2015 #40 2015 New Truck!
2017 2/4 Color Treads
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