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The Double Jump Duel 5-Pack (BFB25) was released in 2014



The following castings were in theDouble Jump Duel 5-Pack (BFB25):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
RD-06 Light Blue Black and Yellow stripes, "6" across the top Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Yellow) Yellow PR5 Thailand Base code(s): G12 RD-06 2014 24.jpg
RD-10 Yellow Black & gray pattern, HW logo White / Metal Tinted (Red) White Orange rimmed OH5 Thailand Base code(s): G12 RD-10 2014 24.jpg
Dodge XP-07 Green Blue and White Stripes, 07 Silver / Plastic Tinted (Orange) Gray PR5 Thailand Base code(s): G12 Dodge XP-07 2014 24.jpg
Draggin' Tail Black Yellow & Black tampos Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Orange) Gold Chrome Orange Rimmed, Gray OH5 Thailand Base code(s): G12 Draggin Tail 2014 24.jpg
Buzz Bomb Red Red stripes, White & Yellow flames on sides Pearl White / Metal Tinted (Black) Black Tinted OH5 w/ Red Chrome rims Thailand Base Code(s): G12 BuzzBomb2014.jpg