Released in 2017, the Dragon Blast 5-Pack contains the 5 cars listed below:


Included cars

The following castings were in the Dragon Blast 5-Pack (#DVF90):

Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type / Blade Color Country Notes Photo
Prototype H-24 Yellow Green / Plastic Green Black White 5SP Thailand Base code(s): J42 PrototypeH24DVF90
Formul8r Metalflake Dark Blue Yellow / Plastic Clear Yellow Black OH5 w/ White rims Thailand Base code(s): J42 Formul8rDVF90
Maximum Leeway White Unpainted / Metal None Red & Black Red Chrome MC5 Thailand Base code(s): J42 MaximumLeewayDVF90
Impavido 1 Metalflake Purple White / Plastic Blue Black TRAP5 or OH5 Thailand Base code(s): J42 Impavido1-DVF90
Hypertruck Red Unpainted / Metal Yellow Chrome Black OH5 w/ Yellow rims (Rear) & White rims (Front) Thailand Base code(s): J42 HypertruckDVF90
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