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This article is a list of vehicles from the Dragstrip Demons released in 2009 and 2010. Over the series' two year duration, 55 different cars were released, all with a metal base, Real Rider wheels and detailed decoration, with most cars mimicking real-life drag cars. For this series, 18 different castings were used with 13 of them brand-new never-before-seen.

The Dragstrip Demons Series was replaced by Vintage Racing in 2011.

In 2018, a segment of the Car Culture Series was named 'Dragstrip Demons' which used the original logo.

2009 Dragstrip Demons

Toy # Col. # Model Name Driver and Car Real Car Photo
N8957 01/30 Plymouth 'Cuda Funny Car "Snake" Prudhome's Black Snake 'Cuda IMG 0001.jpg 116 1634 alt.jpg
N8959 02/30 Altered State Pure Heaven II AA/FA Pureheaven.jpg Pure Heaven 2 DD.jpg
N8960 03/30 '71 Dodge Challenger Funny Car Ramchargers Challenger 5ram1.jpg RamchargersChallenger.JPG
N8973 04/30 Ford Mustang Funny Car George Doty's '71 Mustang Z HotWheels.jpg 71MustangFC DSD.JPG
N8964 05/30 Hemi Cuda Sox & Martin Super Stock '68 Plymoth Barracuda Cuda.jpg Hemi Cuda DD.jpg
N8967 06/30 '78 Corvette Funny Car Mongoose McEwen's English Leather Corvette 113 0411 21s 1978 chevrolet corvette front left view.jpg Mongoose Corvette DD.jpg
N8977 07/30 '69 Dodge Charger Funny Car Roland Leong's "Hawaiian" Charger Funny Car Hawaiian Charger Funny Car.jpg '69 Dodge Charger Funny Car-2009 Dragstrip Demons.jpg
N8970 08/30 Ford Thunderbolt Butch Leal's "Mr. 42" Ford Thunderbolt Dragstrip.jpg FordThunderbolt DSD.JPG
N8978 09/30 Dodge Challenger Funny Car Gary Densham's "Teachers Pet" Funny Car Gary Densham Funny Car.jpg 9-DodgeChallengerFC.JPG
N8974 10/30 '65 Dodge Coronet Dave Strickler's '65 Dodge Coronet Dave Stricklers Coronet.jpg 10-DodgeCoronetAFX.JPG
N8968 11/30 '74 Chevy Vega F/C Pisiano & Matsubara '74 Vega Drag Vega.jpg MatsubraVega.JPG
N8962 12/30 Front Engine Fuel Dragster Beebe & Mulligan Front Engine Fuel Dragster Bebbe & Muligan Dragster.jpg Beebe & Mulligan Front Engine Fuel Dragster 2.JPG
N8972 13/30 '63 Nova AWB Wilshire Shake Match Bash Nova '63 Chevy Nova Wilshire Shaker.jpg 1963 Nova Wilshire DD.jpg
N8970 14/30 Ford Thunderbolt Mariposa Mauler '64 Ford Thunderbolt Fictional '64 Mariposa Thunderbolt.jpg
N8992 15/30 '65 Dodge Coronet Dick Landy's '65 Coronet A/FX Landy's '65 Dodge Coronet.jpg LandyDSDReece.JPG
N8963 16/30 Plymouth 'Cuda Funny Car Don Prudhomme's '72 Army Snake 'Cuda Army Snake 'Cuda.jpg Prudhomme's Army Cuda.jpg
N8958 17/30 '70 Plymouth Duster Funny Car Rough & Tumble '70 Duster Funny Car Fictional RoughDuster.JPG
~ 18/30 This vehicle was not produced Bradford's Fiat AA/FA Image Not Available.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
N8976 19/30 '74 Plymouth Duster Funny Car Tom "Mongoose" McEwen's English Leather Mongoose Duster.jpg 19-PlymouthDusterFC.JPG
N8977 20/30 Plymouth 'Cuda Funny Car Lil Nate 'Cuda Funny Car 'Lil Nate' Cuda.jpg Lil Nate Cuda Funny Car.jpg
N8979 21/30 Front Engine Fuel Dragster Hot Wheels Front Engine Fuel Dragster "The Zipper" Fictional ZipperDragster (1).JPG
N8975 22/30 Altered State Mike Zarnock's Altered Roadster Mike Zarnock Altered Roadster 2.jpg AlteredState DSD.JPG
N8981 23/30 '68 Plymouth Barracuda Bill Stile's Super Stock Barracuda Image Not Available.jpg Plymouth Barracuda Bill Stiles.jpg
N8980 24/30 '78 Corvette Funny Car Bruce Larson's USA -1 Corvette Bruce Larsons Corvette Funny Car.jpg USA1Vette.JPG
N8986 25/30 '74 Chevy Vega F/C Don Prudhomme's Army Funny '74 Vega Don Prudhomme's V8 Vega Funny Car.jpg ArmyVega.JPG
N8961 26/30 '70 Camaro Funny Car Gang Green '70 Camaro Funny Car Image Not Available.jpg GangreenCamaro.JPG
N8985 27/30 Plymouth 'Cuda Funny Car Don Prudhomme's Snake II Image Not Available.jpg Don Prudhomme's Snake II Cuda.jpg
N8982 28/30 '70 Plymouth Duster Funny Car Tom McEwen's Navy Mongoose II Image Not Available.jpg Mongoose II.jpg
N8991 29/30 Ford Mustang Funny Car Go To Blazes '71 Mustang Funny Car Image Not Available.jpg Go To Blazes Mustang.jpg
N8988 30/30 '70 Camaro Funny Car Bruce Larson's USA-1 Camaro USA-1 Camaro.jpg Camaro USA-1.jpg

2010 Dragstrip Demons

Toy # Col. # Model Name Driver and Car Real Car Photo
R3816 01/25 '70 Dodge Challenger Funny Car 'All Star' Image Not Available.jpg 2017-04-03 23.22.16.jpg
R3817 02/25 '70 Dodge Challenger Funny Car 'Code Red' Image Not Available.jpg '70 dodge challenger FC code red 2010 dragstrip domons.JPG
R3825 03/25 '71 Mustang Funny Car 'Pleuger & Gyger' Image Not Available.jpg 2017-04-03 23.18.53.jpg
R3815 04/25 '70 Camaro Funny Car Steve Nichols 'Mill Road Boys' Image Not Available.jpg Dragstrip Demons 2010 -4 '70 Camaro Funny Car.jpg
R3818 05/25 '69 Dodge Charger Funny Car 'Shakey Situation' Image Not Available.jpg ShakeyCharger3Reece.JPG
RE809 06/25 '75 Chevy Monza F/C Don Prudhomme 'Army' Image Not Available.jpg ArmyMonza1.JPG
R3819 07/25 '77 Corvette Funny Car Tom McEwen 'English Leather' Image Not Available.jpg DSDYellowCorvette.JPG
R3808 08/25 '76 Chevy Monza F/C Ron 'Tikiman' Huegli - 'Tiki Warrior' TikiWarriorIRL.jpg TikiMonza.JPG
R3805 09/25 '77 Plymouth Arrow Funny Car Don Prudhomme 'Army' Image Not Available.jpg 2010DSD-09 (Large).JPG
R3806 10/25 '77 Plymouth Arrow Funny Car 'Northwest Hitter' Image Not Available.jpg 2017-04-03 23.21.53.jpg
T1592 11/25 Front Engine Fuel Dragster Roland Leong 'Hawaiian Dragster' Image Not Available.jpg 2017-04-03 23.19.34.jpg
V7177 12/25 '70 Plymouth Duster Funny Car Twisted Dave 'Tarmac Twister' Image Not Available.jpg 2017-04-17 23.10.06.jpg
V4237 12/25 '63 Nova AWB 'Snake Eyes'

This was originally supposed to be #18 from the previous year. That's why the duplicate #12 in 2010.

Image Not Available.jpg Dragstrip Demons 2010 -12 '63 Nova AWB.jpg
R3811 13/25 '77 Pontiac Firebird Funny Car 'Pacemaker' Image Not Available.jpg 2017-04-17 23.10.52.jpg
R3826 14/25

'74 Chevy Vega F/C

Doug Rose 'Time Traveler' Image Not Available.jpg 2017-04-03 23.18.10.jpg
R3824 15/25 '70 Plymouth Duster Funny Car Tom McEwen 'English Leather' Image Not Available.jpg Dragstrip Demons 2010 -15 '70 Plymouth Duster Funny Car.jpg
R3828 16/25 '65 Dodge Coronet A/FX 'The Honker' Image Not Available.jpg 65-Dodge-Coronet-AWB-AFX-d.jpg
V4885 17/25 '65 Dodge Coronet A/FX 'Stacked Deck' Image Not Available.jpg Dragstrip Demons 2010 -17 '65 Dodge Coronet AWB AFX.jpg
T1362 18/25 Wedge Dragster Don Prudhomme 'Snake' Image Not Available.jpg SnakeRailDSDReece.JPG
T1363 19/25 Wedge Dragster Tom McEwen 'Mongoose' Image Not Available.jpg MongooseRailDSDReece.JPG
R3831 20/25 '64 Ford Thunderbolt Nate Cohen/Tom Caldara 'Nazy Crate' Image Not Available.jpg Dragstrip Demons 2010 -20 Ford Thunderbolt.jpg
R3810 21/25 '75 Chevy Monza F/C Bruce Larson 'USA-1' Image Not Available.jpg 2017-04-03 23.22.05.jpg
T1366 22/25 '71 Mustang Funny Car Shirley Muldowney 'Cha Cha Muldowney' Image Not Available.jpg Dragstrip Demons 2010 -22 '71 Mustang Funny Car.jpg
R3813 23/25 '77 Pontiac Firebird Funny Car Dale Pulde 'War Eagle' Image Not Available.jpg 1-1513717618.jpg
R3813 24/25 '70 Camaro Funny Car Dick Harrell Image Not Available.jpg DSDHarrelCamaro.JPG
R3807 25/25 Plymouth 'Cuda Funny Car Justin Grant 'Don Schumacher's Stardust' StardustDSDIRL.gif StardustCuda1.JPG
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